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Lusk Creek Wilderness AreaLusk Creek in Lusk Creek Wilderness

Lusk Creek Wilderness is named for the beautiful, clear blue creek that runs through it year-round and is known for numerous hairpin turns carved through sheer rock walls rising at points 100 feet above the creek. Intersected by many beautiful tributary creeks, Lusk Creek ranks as one of the state's highest quality streams and is eligible for designation as a Wild and Scenic River. Because of its diverse topography, Lusk Creek Wilderness contains numerous distinct biological communities and is home to several threatened and endangered plant and animal species. Lusk Creek Illinois State Nature Preserve, also known as Indian Kitchen, is located within the wilderness boundary, and well worth a visit.

Getting There

Lusk Creek Wilderness Area lies east of the little town of Eddyville, Illinois, which is located on Hwy. 145 about 20 miles south of Harrisburg. Most public access points into the Wilderness are off roads near Eddyville. There are many miles of trails, and lots of trailheads. The Shawnee National Forest headquarters in Harrisburg, Illinois has excellent trail maps available--it's well worth the effort to get one of the maps before attempting to explore Lusk Creek.


There are just too many trails and trailheads to describe here. As suggested above, contact the Shawnee National Forest for a map of this area.