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Sheyman for IL10

We proudly endorse Ilya Sheyman for Illinois' 10th US Congressional district primary. Ilya regularly impressed the endorsement team with his in-depth understanding of the legislative process, the clarity of his plan to spur a green job economy, and the high priority that he places on accomplishing this in Congress. In addition, Sheyman demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the need to protect Lake Michigan from pollution and invasive species, and is willing to fight to preserve the authority of the EPA to protect our air and water.

We see Sheyman's youth as one of his advantages. Ilya's generation will see the full impacts of global warming and he knows that those impacts will get steadily worse if nothing is done. Because Ilya is acutely aware of this future and the urgent need to address it, he's ready to take on the future today.

We strongly believe that independent voters have had enough of those in Congress who have been blocking action on environmental issues. If successful, Sheyman will cite, among other things, Dold's 34% score from the League of Conservation Voters and his F on the Sierra Club water report card. Protecting the environment shouldn't be a partisan issue, and we think that many independents will back Sheyman over a general election opponent willing to jettison protection of a healthy environment to try to recover an old, unsustainable economy.

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Lake County Adopts 60% Recycling Plan

In 2009, Sierra Club joined forces with Incinerator-Free Lake County in opposition to the inclusion of any type of incineration or thermal conversion technology in the Lake County 5-year Solid Waste Plan. We simultaneously advocated for the county to redouble its efforts in recycling and waste diversion. Along with the help of several elected officials, we were successful on both counts (woohoo!) and the county formed the Lake County 60% Recycling Task Force to study how to increase the County’s waste diversion from the current 38% to 60% by the year 2020. We served on that task force for the past year and the final recommendations can be found at:

The Lake County Board took up the matter at their last meeting and agreed with our position of fully approving the plan. Most of the line items will come back in front of the board individually and we will send out alerts at that time encouraging you to contact your lake county board member and ask for their full support. The plan is what is affectionately referred to in public policy as a “carrot and stick method” with much emphasis placed on education and incentive “carrots,” but a trigger for a “stick” measure to ensure that the everyone pitches in and recycles.

“Sticks” are never popular and are not the first choice, but given our limited remaining landfill life and the prospects of incineration or similar technologies on the horizon, having everyone pitch in to meet this goal makes the most sense. And for most people, being able to recycle stuff at work, and knowing that construction debris is getting sorted out too, makes the care and feeding of our blue bins at home feel more worthwhile.

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