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Membership Meeting: Recycling    Learn what can be moved from the green bin to the blue bin. Then help us increase recycling by helping the neighbors on your block convert their trash to recycle.  Read more ...
Water Sentinels Training    Pictures from our training event. Read more ...
Illinois Environmental Legislation    Focus your Illinois legislators' attention on important environmental bills. Read more ...
Join the Discussion    Read more ...
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Membership Meeting: Recycling

Merleanne Rampale, Solid Waste Agency of Lake County

Tuesday, May 11th, 6:45 p.m.
Vernon Area Library, Lincolnshire

Confused about what you can recycle? Not sure where to drop off that broken microwave? Wonder if you should bag those recyclables or just toss them in the bin?

In April we reported our success in defeating a plan to build incinerators in Lake County. Now everyone needs to pitch in to the best alternative - Recycling! News reports this week reveal that plastics and steel  manufacturers need more of our trash to supply their needs. It's time for us to seize the opportunity and be one of those chasing arrows in the logo.

Join Sierra Club this Tuesday, May 11 at the Vernon Area Library (300 Olde Half Day Road Lincolnshire, IL 60069).

Merleanne Rampale of SWALCO will show us exactly what's recyclable and exactly how to safely dispose of used compact fluorescent bulbs, case wrap, microwave ovens, computers, paint, and a host of other items we need to keep out of the landfill. Bring your questions and even those items you been wondering how to recycle!

Please pass on this e-mail to your family, friends, neighbors, and community groups. Together we can improve Lake County's 30% recycling rate!

Vernon Area Public Library
300 Old Half Day Road in Lincolnshire. Take Old Half Day Rd west from Milwaukee Ave (Rt 21), turn south (right) into the Library parking lot before Rt. 22. Meeting room is off foyer.


Water Sentinels Training

A class of ten volunteers learned about the need for water quality data to help improve the health of our local streams. We learned how to use simple test kits to measure the presence of pollutants in our streams, and how to judge water conditions by the presence of critters that live in the water (bentho-macro-invertebrates).

Here are some pictures from our fun event. If you would like help us clean up our waters, contact our conservation Chair, Mike Wagner, .


Rep. Eddie Washington

Illinois Environmental Legislation

It's not too late to take action to support our legislative efforts. The BPA vote is expected next week!

  • SB3388 / HB4875. “No New Nukes”. Fact Sheet / Take Action Now  We oppose this bill to lift the moratorium on new nuclear energy plants. This has already passed the Senate. Representatives Osmond and Washington in the W&W district are co-sponsors. Contact Osmond and Washington in opposition to this bill.
  • HB6099. “Green Lawns, Clean Water”. Fact Sheet Eliminates the application of phosphorus by professional lawn care companies. This has passed the House. Sent to the Senate for approval.
  • SB3750 / HB6088. “BPA-Free Kids Act”. Fact Sheet / Take Action Now. Protects children’s health by eliminating Bisphenol-A (BPA) from children’s food packaging. Has not passed either the House or the Senate.
  • SB2505, 3686, 1503 / HB 6013, 6202, 5429. “Renew Illinois”. Fact Sheet / Take Action Now. Rebuild our economy with new energy work - a series of bills designed to promote green jobs while removing obstacles to the green energy economy. Includes better net metering program, interim benchmarks for solar production, homeowner access to low interest loans through a voluntary tax assessment, and ensures a homeowner’s right to install renewable energy systems. HB 6202 and 5429 have passed the House. No bills have passed the Senate yet.

To get more information on the bills, whether your legislator has cosponsored them, and how they vote, go to Illinois Legislative Tracker. There are links above to contact your legislators to support our legislative initiatives.

Join the Discussion

The Activist Network

Every Sierra Club member is invited to find local friends in the Club's on-line network. Then use it to find out about conservation teams and projects already in swing, and to collaborate with other members to address local environmental issues with the Club. Get started by finding or creating your profile at .

The W&W ISSUES Discussion List

Trade e-mail with other local members by subscribing to our ISSUES list. You can control, suspend or discontinue your subscription anytime.

To sign up, address an e-mail message to LISTSERV@LISTS.SIERRACLUB.ORG and then include the following command in the body of the message :
SUBSCRIBE IL-WWG-ISSUES firstname lastname
(substituting your name) and send the message.

You can also visit the on-line archives of this list, which allows you to join, at ISSUES . If asked for a password, make one up (the same one is good for all Club lists) and follow the links.

Then watch for a confirmation e-mail and reply according to the instructions. Once you've subscribed, send your concerns to the list at

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