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Beyond Coal

Becki Clayborn, Sierra Club

Wednesday, March 17th, 6:45 p.m.
Vernon Area Library, Lincolnshire

Why Yesterday’s Technology Should Not
Be Part of Tomorrow’s Energy Future

Don't just wear green - BE GREEN! Join us for this event on St. Paddy's Day

Sierra Club volunteers have been tirelessly challenging new coal fired power plants from being built in Illinois. Thanks to the years of hard work by our volunteers, many traditional coal fired power plant proposals have been stopped or stalled in Illinois, including Indeck, Enviropower, Steelhead, Southern Illinois University, and Rentech.

Now the coal industry is selling "clean coal," and Illinois is their chosen battleground. Learn about Illinois' Beyond Coal Campaign, the myths of Clean Coal, and how we can help stop emissions from the Midwest Generation coal fired power plant in Waukegan.

W&W Conservation Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 17th, 6:00 p.m.
Vernon Area Library, Lincolnshire

An open Conservation Committee meeting will be held just prior to the membership meeting. Topics to be discussed will be committee members and review of ongoing and potential conservation projects.

  • Incinerators,

  • Invasive species and Lake Michigan,

  • Petitions to withdraw Lake Michigan water for areas outside the Great Lakes watershed,

  • Other member environmental issues.

Please note that the meeting is open to all that are interested.

Water Sentinels Training

Choose the Date

You can help improve the health of our local streams just by measuring the quality of their waters. Chronic funding cuts have left our Illinois Environmental Protection Agency too understaffed to monitor and protect the quality of our streams, as required by the Clean Water Act. They need our help.

We are offering a free training event this spring, taught by the IL Chapter Water Sentinels Staff. You will learn how to use simple test kits to measure the presence of pollutants in our streams, and how to judge water conditions by the presence of critters that live in the water (bentho-macro-invertebrates). Recording this data can help us use the Clean Water Act to clean up our streams.

As a trained Water Sentinel, you will have fun getting to know your local stream up-close, ideally with another Sentinel who lives nearby.

This training will be offered at Gurnee High School, and will include classroom instruction and a field trip to a local stream. It will take about five hours. Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided.

Help us pick the date for this event. Go to

Stop Incinerators in Lake County

Thanks to everyone who responded to our January alert. So far the coalition has succeeded in having the proposal for indiscriminant mass burning of trash in a new incinerator in Lake County removed from the Lake County Solid Waste Disposal Plan, and redirected the focus onto improving recycling rates here. This is a major victory for our already unhealthy air quality. Hooray!

However, some on the Public Works and Transportation Committee would still like Lake County to consider and experimental thermal waste-to-energy facility. Please remind them that the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency did not protect us from the emissions or the expense of the failed North Shore Sanitary District's experimental waste-to-energy facility. In fact, the IEPA exploited three different Clean Air Act loopholes to grant NSSD their permit. Because Illinois cannot be trusted to protect our air, and Lake County lacks the authority to enforce the Clean Air Act, it should not be inviting thermal waste disposal proposals that brink more disaster. There are non-thermal alternatives to land-filling that might be successful, but the best solutions are to create less solid waste and recycle more of it, as other communities have done.

Please congratulate your County Board member for removing mass-burn, and ask them to reject any Solid Waste Disposal Plan that includes a thermal waste-to-energy option.

Clickable County Board Map:


Click where you live on this map to initiate an e-mail to your Lake County Board member. If the map doesn't show up in this e-mail, click here for the county Board website page that let's you find out who your Lake County Board Member is based on your address.  1 - Linda Pedersen 2 - Diane Hewitt 3 - Suzi Schmidt 4 - Brent Paxton 5 - Bonnie Thomson Carter 6 - Melinda Bush 7 - Steve Carlson 8 - Collin O'Rourke 9 - Mary Ross Cunningham 10 - Diana OKelly 11 - Pat Carey 12 - Angelo Kyle 13 - Susan Loving Gravenhorst 14 - Audrey Nixon 15 - Carol Calabresa 16 - Terry Wilke 17 - Stevenson Mountsier 18 - Aaron Lawlor 19 - Craig Taylor 20 - David Stolman 21 - Ann Maine 22 - Michelle Feldman 23 - Anne Flanigan Bassi


Electric Cars

Save the Date
Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 6:45pm

Contact Jeff Maras to help out.

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The Activist Network

Every Sierra Club member is invited to find local friends in the Club's on-line network. Then use it to find out about conservation teams and projects already in swing, and to collaborate with other members to address local environmental issues with the Club. Get started by finding or creating your profile at .

The W&W ISSUES Discussion List

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