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Joining Illinois Sierra Club Members in Lake and Northeastern Cook Counties

October, 2002, Issue #36

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We've had enough narrow losses. We need to win — and this November we have a real chance to win BIG. All of our members know the importance of voting to protect our environment. We know that most of you, especially those reading these words, flocked to the polls in droves this spring to support our carefully selected candidates. But we know that at least one of you stayed home, and we won't be satisfied until each and every one of you grabs this newsletter, and heads for the polls! Consider the consequences.
Last year a paltry 16 votes blocked George Bell's bid for Lake County Board. As a result, retiring John Schulien remained to water down the wetlands protections adopted by the Storm Water Management Commission. George would have insisted on stronger protections to stop, or even reverse the continuing loss of wetlands. Schulien thought that would be undemocratic.

This spring we lost Larry Leafblad by only 17 votes to Rt. 53 sprawlway monger Don Bauer. The County can do many things to relieve traffic, but Rt. 53 isn't among them. Desperate for relief from congestion caused by sprawl, many bought Bauer's false promise of a quick fix from Rt. 53, rather than the smart path to less congestion through needed road improvements and regional planning that Leafblad has lead. If Bauer gets his way, a new wave of environmentally devastating sprawl, attracted by the extension, would raise tolls and taxes on residents for decades.

Both of our endorsed candidates for the North Shore Sanitary District were neglected by voters this spring, leaving the old guard in place with their plan to pollute our air and Lake Michigan with mercury and dioxin from a new sludge incinerator.

But all is not lost. With your vote, a brighter future is within our reach. Strong new candidates have stepped forward who consider protection of our environment the foundation of our future, and bring enthusiasm to direct our prosperity as responsible stewards of our rich natural resources.

This spring, Ann Maine handily defeated Tom Adams, another wetlands foe. With our votes, she'll bring her initiatives for transportation improvements and stormwater management to the County Board. Steve Carlson, determined to rein in sprawl in his district, also won his bid this spring and needs our votes. Ann Bassi won her primary and our endorsement for the general election for her commitment to efficient transportation solutions and alternatives to sprawl. And Harold Rafson, a published and experienced authority on pollution control facilities, earned our endorsement for NSSD's Ward 5 (Moraine Township) for his strategy to lead NSSD to be a better public citizen—without an incinerator. They need our votes too.

Returning endorsed candidates

Our returning endorsed candidates are just as worthy of our votes. Judy Martini, Sandy Cole, Bob Sabonjian, and in Cook County, Gregg Goslin, are in the vanguard of board members constantly working to slow the sprawl unleashed by the early 1990's pro development era. They know firsthand that Sprawl Costs Us All, have requested more tools from the state, and invited municipalities to join their lead for better regional planning to protect the quality of our region.
Candidate District Send Contributions to Phone

Lake County Board Candidates

Judy Martini
Friends of Judy Martini
42812 Janette Street
Antioch, IL  60002
Steve Carlson
Friends of Steve Carlson
36235 Mill Court
Gurnee, IL  60031
Bob Sabonjian
2302 Walnut Street
Waukegan, IL  60085
Sandy Cole
Sandy Cole for County Board
1315 Osage Orange
Grayslake, IL  60030
Ann Maine
Ann Maine for County Board
23 Berkshire Lane
Lincolnshire, IL  60047
Anne Flanigan Bassi
Anne Bassi for Lake County Board
3325 Summit Avenue
Highland Park, IL  60035

Cook County Forest Preserve Candidate

Gregg Goslin
Goslin Campaign Committee
P.O. Box 31
Glenview, IL 60025

Illinois State Representative Candidate

Elizabeth Coulson
Coulson Campaign Committee
PO Box 2344
Glenview, IL 60025
Elaine Nekritz
Citizens for Elaine Nekritz
PO Box 2563
Glenview, IL  60025
Karen May
Friends of Karen May
735 Green Bay Road
Highland Park, IL  60035
Kathy Ryg
Friends of Kathy Ryg
185 Milwaukee Rd.
Lincolnshire, IL  60069

Illinois State Senatorial Candidate

Susan Garrett
Citizens for Susan Garrett
1910 First St. 
Highland Park, IL 60035
847- 681-1278
Terry Link
Friends of Terry Link
123 N. Waukegan Road
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

North Shore Sanitary District Candidate

Harold J. Rafson
Friends of Harold Rafson
42 Indian Tree Drive
Highland Park, IL 60035

Lake County Forest Preserve Referendum 

More land takes more work to maintain. Only $10.74 / $200k home.
Lake County Forest Preserves
More Trails, more jobs.
To care for and invest in new and existing Forest Preserve lands, trails and facilities that voters approved in 2000, 1999 and 1993, and to open more of them for public use.  847-367-6640

United States Congress

Melissa Bean
Melissa Bean for Congress
715 Ela Road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Mark Kirk
Kirk for Congress
P.O. Box 8
Winnetka, IL 60093
Unopposed for Lake County Board Write contributions to campaigns as listed, or to :
Sierra Club Illinois PAC
P. O. Box 5012
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Suzie Schmidt, Republican, District 3
Diana O’Kelly, Republican, District 10
Carol Calabresa, Republican, District 15
Bob Powers, Republican, District 16
Michael Talbett, Republican, District 19

Leadership in Springfield

Getting help from the state of Illinois has become a problem with the present state of Springfield. We have some great legislators there whom we are endorsing again, but the Senate leadership has blocked every single recommendation of its own Smart Growth Task Force, and even the House was fickle on restoring wetlands protection. With our votes for the new leaders that we have endorsed for the Illinois legislature, our regional leaders might get the help they need. Elaine Nekritz and Kathy Ryg are eager to put our hard won lessons of the costs of sprawl to good use, and give more say to regional planners to design out regional transportation, watershed and airshed problems. And promoting our cherished IL Representative Susan Garrett, who this summer attacked the water quality problems that close our Lake Michigan beaches, is our best assurance of a more responsive Senate. We also need to re-elect Karen May for her outstanding first term sponsorship of wetlands protection legislation, and Beth Coulson for her firm support of open space and the wetlands bill. 

Leadership in Washington 

We've also endorsed Mark Kirk in the US 10th Congressional District for his willingness to just say "no" to President Bush's assault on our environment. Kirk, earned a 71% League of Conservation Voters score for his tough stands. Meanwhile, Phil Crane (8th District) sold out the environment on every vote to earn his 0% LCV score this year. Melissa Bean gets the Club endorsement to give Crane the boot for her support of the 3 E's: Economy, Environment, and Education. If you've been reading our statewide Lake & Prairie newsletter, you know that Dick Durbin is an exemplary Senator for environmental leadership, that Rod Bagojevich got our first ever nod for IL Governor, and Lisa Madigan earned our support for IL Attorney General to oppose the NSSD incinerator and make "polluter pays" a reality through active enforcement. 

Mark your calendar now for November 5. While our 2300 votes can make the difference between winning and losing, we need everyone to know that good environmental stewardship is the hallmark of a wise and trustworthy leader. Consider calling our candidates to offer your support before the election too. A few votes makes all the difference!

Endorsed candidates beyond the W&W territory

Click here to see  statewide endorsements, and click here to see federal endorsements on the national site. 

Dear Sierrans,

Please use the Shop and Share coupons below. This raises money for our local chapter and we all have to purchase groceries anyway! You may even wish to STOCK UP on those days to help out as I do. The local grocery stores have kindly consented to participate in this voluntary program and frankly, if we do not use them, they will terminate us and we will lose this source of funding for mailings, postage, outings and other events.

Mike Quinn, Conservation Chairman

Use These Jewel Shop & Share and Dominick's Benefit Days Coupons. 
Just click Coupons, print them out, and turn them in at the checkout on any of the designated days.

Renewable resources Return to Top

Sierra Club is unusual because of its grassroots structure. Our 2300 W&W Group members elect a small team of leaders who generate local events and organize environmental accountability, including this W&W News. Our Group is part of the Illinois Chapter, which, with dozens of other chapters, composes the national Sierra Club. The chapters, and especially the national levels rely on paid staff to provide information and support to the members, and to carry out the Clubs mission. But at the local level, we run on 100% pure volunteer energy! We believe in renewable energy, and it's great to have new leaders.

Please consider bringing your ideas and inspiration to our so-called Executive Committee local leadership team. 

It means spending a couple evenings a month at group meetings, taking on an area of interest (outings, conservation, membership, political, newsletter item gathering, basket weaving, etc.), and engaging Club members. ExCom members are elected by the members of the Group at the end of each year. So please call the Group Chair at 847-680-6437 right away to say you'll make a go of it.

Our Treasurer and distinguished past leader, Gerry Rodell, will retire at the end of this year. We need a new volunteer Treasurer to take the hand-off as he balances the books this fall. Please call Gerry at 847-367-5676 with any questions, and to volunteer.

Rep. Crane's anti-environmental record Return to Top

by John Massman, Volunteer Conservation Chairman
After 9/11 many Americans have reevaluated what is important in their lives. For those of us who consider themselves environmentalists it has included renewing our commitment to protecting our air, land and water from the environmental threats that endanger our common futures.

The anti-environmental powers in our government meanwhile made attempts to drill into the Great Lakes in search of oil, exploit protected lands in our national forests, undermine anti-pollution mining regulations, weaken public health standards and slash spending on environmental enforcement. 

And then there was the Bush administration's energy policy, developed behind closed doors by VP Dick Cheney and his energy industry cronies. 

This policy, based heavily on the use of corporate subsidies to promote the production of polluting fossil fuels and nuclear power, virtually ignored clean and sustainable solutions to our energy challenges. This plan also called for relaxing environmental protection to encourage production, clearly making this plan a major environmental test of the 107th Congress.

And who was there on every vote to support this anti-environment regime, why Illinois Congressman Phil Crane. Representative Crane cast an anti-environmental vote on 14 different bills to earn a 0% score with the League of Conservation Voters. I would hope that he doesn't represent the majority view of those of us in his district. Let's show him at the polls that we don't agree with his attacks on the environment.

Wetland welfare Return to Top

by Evan Craig, Volunteer Group Chairman
Over the years, Americans concerned about clean water and vanishing species have convinced our legislators to pass laws to protect the wetlands vital to both. Through a series of wins and losses at the national, state, and local level, we now have a patchwork of laws that in some ways give the impression that our wetlands are protected.

Some of our members know that, besides the gaps in the laws, there are lapses in enforcement. They have seen wetlands near their homes filled in, flooded and polluted. They call up W&W looking for help. Our plan is to bring together our wetland defenders, and build a case and a campaign to get real protection for abused and threatened wetlands. We've arranged two planning meetings at the Lake Villa Library: 10/15 and 11/26, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at Deep Lake Rd. and Grand.

One of those members is Becky Bredehoft. She's worked hard since 1997 to protect Bittersweet Woods wetlands behind her house. They were salvaged from a golf course that should never have been built over ADID wetlands. Her story of patiently seeking help from the USACOE, IDNR, US Fish & Wildlife, EPA, SMC, and her Village of Gurnee is one of endless run-arounds and accountability gaps. 
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This spring the USACOE agent told her "the entire project was doing pretty well," but she knows better. The native vegetation buffers around the wetlands are being lost, and many birds and reptiles have declined. She called Sierra Club and got involved in our effort to pass HB6013 to restore protection for isolated wetlands across Illinois.

Rosemary Eddy lives in Grayslake. She's seen the vibrant wetland behind her house suffer from too much water, drowning the native species, and invading her yard. The problem? New development sheds its water into the wetland, and the Village is neglecting the problem.

How are the wetlands near your home? Bring pictures and share your story to help paint a picture of how wetlands are doing in our W&W territory.

Conservation Corner Return to Top

Mike Quinn, Volunteer Conservation Chairman
Sometimes members pass along to me small suggestions on how they conserve our natural resources.  Not all ideas have to be momentus to have an impact. 

Try NOT using your dryer at home opting rather to simply hang up the vast majority of your  laundry right out of the washing machine and let them "air dry" in your closet -- a good idea in the winter months as this adds moisture to the dry air. 

I have personally found that if I do this in the evening, the clothes are dry by morning. I have found this process takes NO more time than using the dryer and folding. In  the summer, hang them up outside and enjoy the fresh smell -- an old idea but still effective. 

I like to think of the electricity NOT used (or paid for) and believe I will NEVER have to purchase a second dryer to end up in a landfill.

Editor's note: Got a conservation habit that you would like to share with the Group? Send it to Mike Quinn.

Around the Territory Return to Top

Join your club for some holiday cheer

Don’t get depressed by the shorter days and the cool weather sniffles… The Holidays are coming! The W&W biannual Holiday Party is scheduled for Saturday December 21 from 4 to 8 pm Please come! It’s potluck. Contact Edith Sieg to find out what to bring.

Habitat for Humanity and the Sierra Club

Mike Quinn, Volunteer Conservation Chairman
Your Sierra Club Woods and Wetlands Group helped a Habitat for Humanity family in September by donating energy efficient and long lasting electric light bulbs for their new home.

It seemed like a kind and logical thing to do; energy efficient bulbs for a family who can least afford to pay their electric bill." Maybe other organizations and other Sierra Club groups will do the same thing in their neighborhoods. This is good for the families who need help and good for the environment too!

Join Sierra Club ! Return to Top

When you or your friend join Sierra Club, it helps make the Club stronger. When you do it using a W&W form, more of your membership contribution goes to W&W for local action. Copy this invitation into an e-mail to your friends and edit it so they know it's from you. E-mail your friend.

Friend - 
I belong to the Sierra Club Woods & Wetlands because it helps me understand, enjoy, and protect our environment. The Woods & Wetlands Group organizes members from Lake and NE Cook counties for local events, outings and actions. Membership includes the benefits of the national Club: Outings, Sierra magazine, and involvement with national issues. Visit their websites: http://illinois.sierraclub.org/w&w/ and you'll see what I mean. I hope you'll consider helping to protect our environment and become a member.


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