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Joining Illinois Sierra Club Members in Lake and Northeastern Cook Counties

March, 2002, Issue #35

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Don't be fooled by candidates' claims - check our endorsements! Return to Top

During the approaching election cycle you will see literature from a multitude of candidates who profess strong support for environmental preservation and quality of life. There may be times when it seems difficult to choose between candidates who seem to say the same things. But the differences are stark, and the choices are crucial.

In district after district, the races for the county board are shaping up as contests between those who embrace preservation of open space, watersheds, traffic relief and carefully planned, sensible, economic development – and those who want to turn back the clock to the days when developers had a field day building in every direction.

We believe that the current leadership of the County Board has amassed an impressive record of community service. This board has added 1100 acres of new land to the forest preserve system, protected wetlands and floodplains to stem flooding, increased transportation spending to double the amount of any previous administration, and cut county property tax rates.

But this is no time to rest. Hundreds of thousands of new residents expected in Lake County in the next decade will place unprecedented stress on our environment, and bold leaders will be needed to guard our shared resources. Many of the incumbents responsible for the recent successes now face challengers who believe the county should head in a different direction – by walking lockstep with the same special-interest groups that backed the unfettered "pave-it-over" policies of past administrations. And lurking in districts where our previously endorsed allies are not running are more candidates eager to backtrack to serve development.

This sharp contrast may not be blatantly obvious at first. Candidates with links to developers have learned to camouflage their positions in the color green. They espouse their support for environmental protection even as they try to evict the leadership that has made it a priority. It is critically important for voters to know the difference between the candidates who will back up their word on environmental issues and those who merely pay lip service to those themes.

Our endorsements are to help you make this distinction. We have researched all the candidates and subjected them to our usual scrutiny. We reward those who have gone out of their way to work with us in the past, and are committed to protect our environment in the future, with our endorsement. In this issue of W&W News we are only announcing those endorsed candidates with opponents in the primary election. 

Please remember to vote, and take your endorsement issue of the W&W News with you! You don’t have to vote in your own party, so decide what party your candidates are in and ask for that party’s ballot. The stakes are high, and the votes of every one in Lake County’s environmental community are dearly needed if we are to protect the county board majority that has protected our communities and quality of life. Otherwise it could be open season on open space. 

Candidate District Send Contributions to Phone

Lake County Board Candidates

Judy Martini
Friends of Judy Martini
42812 Janette Street
Antioch, IL  60002
Loretta McCarley
Loretta McCarley for County Board
37581 N. Bayonne
Beach Park, IL  60087
Larry Leafblad
Larry Leafblad - Lake County Board
34149 S. Circle Dr.
Grayslake, IL  60030
Steve Carlson
Friends of Steve Carlson
36235 Mill Court
Gurnee, IL  60031
Jose Zires
Jose Zires for County Board
420 S. Victory
Waukegan, IL  60085
Sandy Cole
Sandy Cole for County Board
1315 Osage Orange
Grayslake, IL  60030
Ann Maine
Ann Maine for County Board
23 Berkshire Lane
Lincolnshire, IL  60047

Cook Forest Preserve Candidate

Gregg Goslin
Goslin Campaign Committee
P.O. Box 31
Glenview, IL 60025

Illinois State Representative Candidate

Elaine Nekritz
Citizens for Elaine Nekritz
PO Box 2563
Glenview, IL  60025

Illinois State Senatorial Candidate

Susan Garrett
Citizens for Susan Garrett
1181 P.O. Box 31
Glenview, IL 60025

North Shore Sanitary District Candidates

Verena Owen 
Citizens for Verena Owen
421 Ravine Drive
Winthrop Harbor, IL  60096
Mark Hawn 
104 Sheridan Court
Waukegan, IL  60085

Open Space District ... It takes Both!

Fremont Open Space
Creates new Open Space District!
Fremont For Open
Space P. O. Box 711M
Mundelein, IL  60060
Fremont Open Space 
Authorizes $10M Bonds

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W&W Election Extension Return to Top

Most of you received your last issue of the W&W News too late to vote for our Executive Committee candidates. So we’re giving you until the end of March this time.

Each W&W Sierra Club member may make and send one ballot by writing the names of up to two candidates of your choice on a scrap of paper. Do not identify yourself on your ballot. Place the ballots of up to three family members in an envelope. Put your return address on the envelope. On the outside of the envelope, identify each member who has included a ballot. Seal, stamp and send the envelope to: Sierra Club W&W Elections, PO Box 5012, Vernon Hills, IL 60061.
The W&W Executive Committee (ExCom) is made up of 5 members who serve 2 year terms. They decide political endorsements, plan programs, interact with the Illinois Chapter and National Sierra Club, and choose projects and issues for W&W Group involvement. Two of the five positions are up now for election. Your ballots are important not only in influencing the direction of the Group, but also as a show of support for these committed activists. Please consider their statements, fill out your ballots, and send them in.

Edith Sieg led the successful opposition to an inappropriate housing development in Libertyville. Her efforts earned her inclusion in the Lake County Conservation Alliance (LCCA) Hall of Fame. In Antioch she contributed her expertise to help prevent an undesirable annexation. As a member of the W&W Executive Committee, Edith will continue to share her expertise to help members be more effective stewards of the environment in their communities. George Etu, a Sierra Club member since 1978, has always been involved in leadership roles, including serving several years as Group Chair. A vital source of information about Sierra Club procedures and know-how, he is currently the Vice Chair and Illinois Chapter Representative for our Group. George wishes to continue strengthening and improving the Group as an effective environmental organization. John Chambers is a frequent user of Lake County open spaces, working at the local level to conserve open space, wetlands, and the air and water resources of Lake County, and Libertyville, where he resides. "Sustainable development, efficient transportation alternatives, and conservation of resources are essential to maintain the quality of life in Lake County," he writes. "I may not be able to change the world, but I think I can, with the cooperation of like-minded people, help to maintain the quality of life in Lake County."


Sierra Club W&W Elections
PO Box 5012
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Sun Lake Forest Preserve Plants of Concern Return to Top

by Mike Quinn, Volunteer Co-Chair for the Sun Lake Restoration Committee.
We’re teaming up with the Plants of Concern project, itself a joint effort of the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Audubon Chicago Region Habitat Project, to study Sun Lake FPD. The project will survey and monitor dozens of threatened and endangered species on sites across our territory. It’s a crucial step in their recovery. The introductory monitoring workshop will be on April 20 at Reed-Turner Woodland in Long Grove. W&W sponsored graduates will then make a few visits with the FPD staff to assess the extent of several species at Sun Lake FPD. Contact Mike Quinn for more information. Olympic workshop graduates can enroll in a multi-year project, and spend 3 hours, 3 or 4 times per year monitoring species at one of our FPD’s - a golden experience! There’s also an in-depth class on plant monitoring conducted at the Chicago Botanic Garden in May and June for ambitious students. 

On March 9, 2002, 9:00 to noon, we will have a Buckthorn Bonfire! Bring a buckthorn branch from your neighborhood to add to the pyre! See Outings.

Want to help out from home? Adopt an oak tree! Your $25 will be used to hire helpers to liberate your tree from invasive buckthorn. We'll document our progress with pictures of your adopted tree, and place your initials on our Sun Lake Stewardship website next to them. Here's one of the huge oaks in the Preserve!). We'll use GPS to locate each tree  (so no marks will be made on the trees) and we'll send you your tree's coordinates in an e-mail. Write your check to Sierra Club, note "SLRC Oaks! and your e-mail address on it, and send it to POB 5012, Vernon Hills, 60061. Our yearly goal is 100 adoptions. So far we have 1.

We hope you get this reminder in time to join us for "Pyre Day" at Sun Lake. It’s  scheduled on our usual, monthly restoration day Saturday morning, 3-9-02, weather permitting. Meet in cul-de-sac at 9 a.m. and we'll walk in together. (See directions to Sun Lake meeting place in our Sun Lake Restoration add.) Our Woods and Wetlands Group has submitted our restoration to LCFPD staff and hope to get on the Forest Preserve schedules for burns, seed planting and hydrological assessment as first phase to restore wetlands on site. Sun Lake, although "preserved", needs volunteers to return it to its natural, beautiful state.

Our volunteer stewardship days are on the second Saturday of each month, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00; 

  • January 12, 2002, 
  • February 9, 
  • March 9, 
  • April 13, 
  • May 11, 
  • June 8,  etc. 
Each one is announced on our  Outings page.

Your W&W Group's outings and planning activities are fulfilling our Forest Preserve Partnership for Sun Lake Forest Preserve in northern Lake County.

Bring along work gloves, hat, saw or branch clippers if you have any, as we are currently clearing invasive buckthorn from the perimeter of pristine Sun Lake and from the majestic oak savannas.  Future plans include planting of wildflowers and native grasses, restoration of the natural hydrology, including wetland recreation.  Local bird and animal populations will greatly benefit from this work and, of course, so will the people of Lake County.  Please join in.

Directions to Sun Lake: 
N. on Deep Lake Rd. from 132; 
W. on Painted Lake Rd.; 
L. on Spring Farm Rd.; 
R. on Longwood Drive. 
Park in cul de sac and look for a friendly, scruffy group of wonderful people. E-Mail DRNGO11@aol.com


In their own words … Return to Top

Here are excerpts from the questionnaire responses we received from our endorsed candidates. We hope they give you an idea why we ask you to support them:

Lake County Board

Sandy Cole "Along with these responses, as an environmentalist, I would like to stress that many of us are well-rounded elected officials with impressive portfolios and understanding on financial issues, tax caps, school funding shortfalls, business retention & expansion concerns, lobbying for Lake County's share of State and Federal $$, Public Health issues and funding, public safety challenges, access to justice, etc...."
The "53 [extension] is being marketed as the savior of traffic congestion in Lake County. Yet, the road that hasn’t been build for 30 years is holding up State dollars for other, less costly local State road improvements …" 
On expanding and protecting our Forest Preserves, "More, More, More. As Chairman of the Land Acquisition Committee need I say …more?" 

Anne Maine "Transportation must be viewed as a multifaceted program. There are a number of roads that need minor improvements such as the addition of turning lanes and longer stacking lanes and improved intersections. These changes will facilitate better traffic flow. I support the Shuttle Bug program in the Lake-Cook corridor with its connections to the Lake-Cook train station. A similar program has recently been started at the west Lake Forest station." 
"Flooding is a great concern in my district. This can not be addressed by individual communities. The Lake County Stormwater Management guidelines must be observed and strengthened as needed. We need to have the more natural approach of enhancing wetlands and not use the berms and detention approach as first suggested by the Army Corps for the Des Plaines River."

Jose Zires on Sprawl: "Encourage all governments to work together on zoning and development issues for the good of the whole county. Too many times, people are making a lot of money on building and selling houses, and we are left with the problems that brings. Problems with transportation, taking care of our roads, sewers, water, safety issues, flooding, and overcrowding schools." That’s not right. 
On Water: "We need to preserve and protect our natural resources, including our water. Water is life."

Loretta McCarley opposes extension of Rt. 53: I object to the building of this massive road based on environmental concerns, negative impact to Lake County, and cost. 
On Transportation: Continue to lobby our State and Federal officials for monies to improve our present roads and to increase our public transportation.

Steve Carlson "Our water supply could be adversely affected in the future by development of peaker plants, as well as massive residential development. The Northwest areas of the county, in particular, stand to be affected by shortages in the deep water aquifers that they depend upon exclusively.
I will encourage and support the continued policy of accelerated FPD land acquisition to provide open space preservation before it is lost forever to development.
On Sprawl: Compliance with the Lake County Framework Plan for unincorporated areas and avoid changing land uses that would provide for high-density residential areas that dramatically affect our schools.

Larry Leafblad on Water Pollution and Flooding I have been one of the biggest boosters of SMC [Stormwater Management Commission] since 1991 … It's the only real "county wide" control we have over insipid municipalities’ sprawl machines. 
On Sprawl: I personally directed the Regional Planning Process that is now happening. … I gave a direct order to our staff in 1998 "Under no circumstances do you even THINK about starting the regional planning process without the municipalities at the table." … NOW, we are working together, in pods, on all sorts of issues involving planning "Lake County as One Community."

Judy Martini "Rt. 53 will do nothing for the problems in my District, such as: Rt. 173, Rt. 59, Rt. 45 and Rt. 83." 
On Transportation: "It is no surprise that there is a $130 Million backlog to our County roads, primarily from poorly planned growth from municipalities and previous pro-growth County Boards. … Our FY 2002 Federal Legislative Program will be seeking money for a traffic control center to be located at the Division or Transportation. This $2 Million center will provide centrally located traffic information and is part of the movement for intelligent transportation systems
On Water: The quality and quantity of Lake County’s water resources are being threatened, not only by developers, but by big business too.

... to top of next column

Cook County Forest Preserve District

Gregg Goslin "The Forest Preserve District of Cook County needs to refocus on its core mission of conserving natural land."

Illinois Legislature

The state survey used longer questions and mostly yes/no answers. The candidates responded with support on these issues:

Protecting Illinois’ Natural Heritage: Open space, wetlands protection, Forest Preserve protection.
Water Quality: Cleaning up our lakes, streams, watersheds, and protecting our drinking water. 
Sprawl:  Protecting streams, tollway accountability, NO to airports in cornfields, YES for expanded transit.
Clean Air: Renewable energy, CO2 reductions from coal power, energy efficient buildings.
Toxic Pollution: Enforcement of present laws, oppose "takings" compensation for would-be polluters. 

The candidates also said:

Elaine Nektriz on Protecting Illinois’ Natural Heritage: "I support the creation of a permanent fund for land acquisition similar to that in the Illinois Open Land Trust initiative. I would support issuing long term bonds to be paid from General Revenue Funds." 
On "takings": "I do not support such statutory expansions of the constitutional right of due process.

Susan Garrett on Protecting Illinois’ Natural Heritage: "I  believe the state must be very proactive and creative in establishing and developing long-term measures for acquiring open space.
On Environmental Priorities: "Work closely with elected officials, constituents and the press to explain the unrealistic approach to extend Rt. 53, and why we must use those funds to make critical improvements on our roadways throughout Lake County."

North Shore Sanitary District

Verena Owen "I do not support the use of a sludge incinerator at the Waukegan lakefront (or anywhere else in Lake County). … Long before I ever considered running for Trustee … I testified at the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency hearing in Waukegan in October … I pointed out  the pollution problems associated with it. Besides Nox, SOx and Mercury there remains the question how many Hazardous Pollutants like Dioxin, Furans, Arsenic or Chromium the plant would emit. I believe that the Bedminster-like process that was presented to the NSSD board at their last meeting would provide a viable alternative to land-filling of sludge.  … I consider the Waukegan lakefront an appalling choice for any kind of heavy industry. Not only would a new power plant re-industrialize the lakefront, there is no need for
additional plants in Illinois. … Lastly, an elected board cannot ignore public opinion, dismiss legitimate concerns, nor make decisions behind closed doors. I would promote an environment of cooperation, respect and open dialog between the NSSD, its members, and the public."

Mark Hawn withdrew his support for the sludge incinerator when he learned about the mercury emissions and siting opposition. Recently he’s been testifying at IEPA hearings to give Waukegan authority over siting.  He "thinks the recycling Bedminster project provides a long term & attractive solution…" and says "We are currently looking into mercury removal."

Be a Hero ...
Save the County in Just Two Hours! Return to Top

Once again, many of our best environmental candidates will find themselves outspent by their opponents, sometimes more than two to one. Fortunately, it isn’t just money that wins elections, particularly at the county level. It’s grassroots support - support from people like you - that makes the biggest difference at the ballot box.

That’s why it’s so important that you join fellow Sierrans from around the county in helping elect the greenest possible slate of candidates to the county board. Donate just two hours of time to one of the candidates listed in this mailing, and you can be one of the heroes who help save Lake County from overdevelopment.

To volunteer, call the candidates listed in this mailing, or contact Mary Van Vactor at (847) 949-1355 or vanganson@juno.com. Check Elections on our website at illinois.sierraclub.org/w&w  between now and March 19th for more details about the candidates and our efforts to support them.

What can you do in just two hours? 
Here are just a few suggestions:
  • Deliver campaign literature to homes in your neighborhood.

  • Send "Friend to Friend" postcards to friends and neighbors, urging them to vote for the environmental candidate in their district. Preprinted cards are usually available from the candidates. Start with the one we’ve included!

  • Join our "get out the vote" phone-a-thon on Saturday, March 16 or Sunday, March 17.

  • Make a financial contribution. Donate two hours pay to one of the candidate’s campaigns, or to the Sierra Club PAC fund.


Join Sierra Club ! Return to Top

When you or your friend join Sierra Club, it helps make the Club stronger. When you do it using a W&W form, more of your membership contribution goes to W&W for local action. Copy this invitation into an e-mail to your friends and edit it so they know it's from you. E-mail your friend.

Friend - 
I belong to the Sierra Club Woods & Wetlands because it helps me understand, enjoy, and protect our environment. The Woods & Wetlands Group organizes members from Lake and NE Cook counties for local events, outings and actions. Membership includes the benefits of the national Club: Outings, Sierra magazine, and involvement with national issues. Visit their websites: http://illinois.sierraclub.org/w&w/ and you'll see what I mean. I hope you'll consider helping to protect our environment and become a member.


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Members are invited to join the W&W group's e-mail lists. On the ALERTS list you will receive infrequent timely posts from the Group Chair (only), primarily on local issues. Some of these appear on this website, and if you subscribe you will learn about them in time to help. The ISSUES list allows you to share in a discussion with other W&Wers. To sign up, just visit each of these websites and click Join :

We do not share e-mail address lists, and you can remove yourself from either list at any time.

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Here's the printed version of this issue of the W&W News in pdf. It's 780KB, you'll need Acrobat to view it, and it should look like the copy members get in the mail. If you want to give a copy to a friend who doesn't have internet access, we suggest printing this pdf rather than this web page.

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