Woods && Wetlands

Woods & Wetlands


Your local group is run entirely by local members. Please help promote protection and enjoyment of our local environment. To get involved, or find out more, click on the position you find interesting and send the Chair a note.
Updated 1/25/09
W&W Conservation Committee Gain in-depth knowledge on an environmental issue and use Group resources to a lead successful campaign. Contact Conservation Chair.
Outings Committee Learn to lead outings, or just register on our participants list. Check out past and future outings on our Outings page, and sign onto our Outings list. Click link to left for Outing Leader Program information, then join us at our next Outing Committee meeting. Leadership and Wilderness First Aid training are available periodically. Contact Group Outings Chair (ww-outcom@illinois.sierraclub.org)
Membership Committee Arrange fun and informative social events. Welcome new members. Invite them to come on outings and get involved. Help activate more of our over 2,300 to members join in our important work. Membership Chair needed. Contact Group Chair.
W&W Fundraising Committee Reach out to members who would like to give more support to our protection of our local environment. Contact Group Chair.
W&W News Writer All members are welcome to contribute alerts, articles, essays, reviews, drawings, etc. Let other members know what's going on near you!
Sierra Club Open Space Agent Help organize Club actions to save open space in your area in coordination with the Group ExCom. Contact Conservation Chair.
Local Endorsement Committees Join at least one other member from your community to help us do local endorsements. All politics is local. Help us make a difference! See this W&W News on the website for details. Contact Political Chair. (ww-polichair@illinois.sierraclub.org)
Sierra Club County Board Agent Monitor County Board and articulate Club positions at daytime meetings and report to ExCom. Contact Group Chair.
Sierra Club Swampsquad Agent Review Wetlands Destruction Permit Application notices on the US Army Corps of Engineers website, assess significance, inform Club, and promote public comment. Easier than it sounds. Contact Conservation Chair. (ww-cons@illinois.sierraclub.org)
Sierra Club FPD Agent Participate in Forest Preserve District events and distribute Club literature and membership forms. Contact Outings Chair.
Sierra Club Education Liason Organize member educators to share environmental education opportunities, and coordinate student Earthday events. Contact Group Chair.
Member Educator Please sign up as a Member Educator to share programs and ideas that support Club goals, and publicize your successes. Contact Group Chair.
W&W Executive Committee Leader Seek nomination for 2 year elected term to contribute your ideas for growing our group! Our group elections occur every fall and we are currently seeking candidates for 2006. Drop in on our monthly "ExCom" Meetings to see how much we need your help!
Contact Political Chair.
Sierra Club Sprawl Agent Coordinate with Club campaign to highlight environmental impact of poorly planned growth and introduce change. Stop Rt. 53 and plan walkable communities. Contact Group Chair.
Sierra Club Legal Agent Advise the group on legal opportunities to protect the environment. Contact Group Chair.