Beyond Coal

Becki Clayborn, Sierra Club

Wednesday, March 17th, 6:45 p.m.
Vernon Area Library, Lincolnshire

Why Yesterday’s Technology Should Not
Be Part of Tomorrow’s Energy Future

The snow storm today threatens blowing snow and white-out conditions, so in  the interest of your safety, we've rescheduled tonight's speaker for next month.

Sierra Club volunteers have been tirelessly challenging new coal fired power plants from being built in Illinois. Thanks to the years of hard work by our volunteers, many traditional coal fired power plant proposals have been stopped or stalled in Illinois, including Indeck, Enviropower, Steelhead, Southern Illinois University, and Rentech.

Now the coal industry is selling "clean coal," and Illinois is their chosen battleground. Learn about Illinois' Beyond Coal Campaign, the myths of Clean Coal, and how we can help stop emissions from the Midwest Generation coal fired power plant in Waukegan.

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