Woods && Wetlands

Woods & Wetlands

Support the Club!

Your local group is run entirely by local volunteers. Please donate your time and talent to help promote protection and enjoyment of our local environment. Check out the list of open positions on the Get Involved page..

W&W Financial Support

Don't have time to crack the issues? Our local work relies on donations from our members. Please consider sending a separate check to support your local Sierra Club Woods & Wetlands Group. We can accept two types of donations.

Non-tax-deductible c4 donations are crucial for running our organization and lobbying our elected officials. Write a check to Sierra Club and indicate Woods & Wetlands in the memo area. Tax-deductible c3 donations may be used only for educational purposes, an important part of our work. Write a check to The Sierra Club Foundation and indicate Woods & Wetlands in the memo area. Employers will often match this type of donation.

 Mail to:

Sierra Club Woods & Wetlands
P.O. Box 876
Grayslake, IL  60030


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