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Join the Climate Change March

This video was recorded by Democracy Now! at the UN Climate Summit COP19 last November (2013) in Warsaw, but the need to cut carbon emissions to survive climate disruption is only getting more important as our efforts to reduce our carbon footprints fall far short of the 80% reduction needed. This September 6th you can join the Great March for Climate Action as it passes through Chicago. Learn more at Great March for Climate Action. Or you can join others in buses travelling on September 20-22 to the NY City Climate March event at NY City Climate March. Contact volunteer JC Kibbey with questions.

Many of you have switched to more efficient lightbulbs and separate your recyclables, and deserve to feel good about it. We need to go much further and demand fundamental changes to the way our communities work and play. With your help our county can now move ahead, and we can ask our villages to follow suit. Please contribute to W&W. Check our calendar for future W&W events.

Lake County Creates Sustainability Director Position

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, the Lake County Board adopted its 2014 budget, which for the first time includes a Sustainability Director position. The new position is for a senior level expert with the experience and skills to guide the county to most effectively reduce its environmental footprint. This dedicated professional should identify significant environmental impacts, set goals and targets, evaluate performance, take corrective actions where needed and continually improve. This video shows introduction, debate (heros and zeros) and passage. See our public comment starting at 00:12:30

Establishing this position was one of our three top goals for 2013. Thanks to our members for your concern for our environment, and for responding to our April alert. Without your calls to your board members to prioritize sustainability in their Strategic Planning process, we likely would not have won their committment now. With your help we can leverage the county's progress by asking our villages to follow suit. Please contribute to W&W. Check our calendar for future W&W events.
For more information, see our April edition of the W&W Stream».
This embedded Lake County video might not play in MS Internet Explorer 64-bit browser, and definitely doesn't play on mobile apple devices - sorry. It does play on the MS 32-bit browser.

Health and Environmental Justice Forum

We helped bring members of the community together to learn about the health impacts of pollution from the Midwest Generation coal-fired power plant on the shore of Lake Michigan at the end of Greenwood Avenue. The event took place on June 13th in Waukegan at the North Shore Church of Christ, and speakers included leaders from the community, Respiratory Health, Little Village Environmental Justice, NAACP, and the Sierra Club, with a surprise announcement from a city alderman. Thanks to all of the Clean Power Lake County coalition members, especially Lake Forest LWV for producing this video. Watch and learn!

This campaign is one of our three top goals for 2013. With your help we can win a closing date for Lake County's biggest source of pollution, and a transition plan to a healthier future. Please contribute to W&W. For future CPLC events, check our calendar.
For more information, visit the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign website».

Hike the FAP 342 Corridor

A group of 18 enjoyed a beautiful hike through these frozen wetland areas last January. Stay tuned for more Outings through this secret public wildlife corridor that spans half of Lake County.

Learn about W&W Outings - join the W&W Outings List.
You can do it Online or by e-mail: Just click Outings List to address an e-mail message to

Then watch for confirmation e-mails and reply according to the instructions.

Make sure these commands are included in the body of the message:
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Confused about what you can recycle? Not sure where to drop off that broken microwave? Wonder if you should bag those recyclables or just toss them in the bin?

In April we reported our success in defeating a plan to build incinerators in Lake County. Now everyone needs to pitch in to the best alternative - Recycling! Recent news reports reveal that plastics and steel  manufacturers need more of our trash to supply their needs. It's time for us to seize the opportunity and be one of those chasing arrows in the logo.

Recycling specialists from the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County provided a wealth of information at our May meeting. If you missed it, don't despair! You can still get involved with the Club to help increase recycling, and you can get great information anytime all about recycling in Lake County at their website at SWALCO».

Seven Municipalities Approve Phosphorus Fertilizer Ban!

Lake Marie, Phosphorus polluted brown waters. © Evan Craig
Lake Marie, phosphorus polluted brown waters. © Evan Craig
Listen to the Antioch Trustees. Read the ordinance. Get one in your town!

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We're a team of volunteers enthusiastic about sustainability. Right now we're organizing to end pollution from the Midwest Generation foal fired power plant; Support students eager to help us; and convince Lake County to hire a sustainability director and create a sustainability committee. We would love to have you join us! We're the Woods and Wetlands group of the Sierra Club, located in the north east Illinois region. The Group includes 2000 Sierra Club members in Lake and Northeastern Cook counties.

Credit: Nancy Parker Hill


Does your yard look like the picture?

If you live in Lake County, IL, chances are pretty good that it used to. If you look closely near the middle of the picture, you can imagine that you see an egret that was catching small fish on the day of the picture. There were also some Herons! (Click the one in the top left W&W logo to hear them.) Besides serving up fast food for endangered species, these wetlands purify the water as it seeps into the ground, and reduce flooding of the rivers. The woods in the background complete a common scene in our territory, after which we name the group. The presence of many other ecosystems here, in addition to the woods & wetlands, makes our territory home to more threatened and endangered species than any other in Illinois. Our Forest Preserves feature prairies, savannas, lakes and dunes. Because many species rely on vast open space beyond the borders of our Forest Preserves, we cannot rely on them alone to retain our spectacular wildlife. Please explore this website, and join us in protecting our environment ... for our families, for our future.

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