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Want to talk to a real person? Below are the phone numbers of the Executive Committee (ExCom), and others whose support is essential to the Group.

Click on an underlined name (linked to an e-mail address) to send us a message. Please jot a short note with any concerns or ideas you have. Better yet, join our ALERTS and ISSUES lists below! Updated 10/25/11.

Group Title (ExCom term expires) Name E-mail (@illinois.sierraclub.org) Phone #
ExCom, Chair (1/12) Jeff Maras ww-chair 847-274-0857
ExCom, Vice Chair (1/12) Evan Craig ww-vicechair 847-680-6437
ExCom (1/13) Barbara Klipp barbara.klipp 847-903-3565
ExCom, Secretary, Waukegan CAG (1/13) Doug Ower ww-secy 847-872-8328
Conservation Committee Chair Mike Wagner ww-cons 847-989-1259
Membership Chair (1/12) Evan Craig evan.craig 847-680-6437
ExCom, Lobby Chair (1/12) Chris Pado chris.pado 847-445-6642
Outings, Fundraising Barbara Bell ww-fund 847-367-4253
Water Quality Eric Roe ww-water 847-838-2679
ExCom, Treasurer, Stewardship (1/13) John Massman ww-treas 847-838-9440
ExCom, Group Rep, Governance Advisor (1/12) George Etu george.etu 847-432-3787

Members are invited to join the W&W group's Activist Network Team, and sign onto our e-mail news lists.

Alternatively, click ALERTS List and ISSUES List and (substitute in your name in the commands and) send each resulting e-mail.

You can also visit the on-line archives of these lists, which allow you to join each list, at ALERTS and ISSUES . If asked for a password, make one up (the same one is good for all Club lists) and follow the links.

Then watch for confirmation e-mails asking you for the town where you live, and reply according to the instructions. We do this to keep spammers off of these lists.

Mailing Address

Sierra Club Woods & Wetlands
PO Box 876
Grayslake, IL  60030

We will not collect any data as a result of your visit to our web site, unless you send us e-mail. If you send us e-mail, we will use your e-mail address only for correspondence and alerts, and will not share your e-mail address with anyone outside of our organization without your approval.

Group Bylaws

Bylaws were revised and adopted in 2000/2001 by all Chapters and Groups under direction of the Club leadership. Subtle changes resulted in the Bylaws of the Woods & Wetlands Group, mostly for improved consistency, but also to streamline operation of the Group. Click Click the Flowers! to view them in their entirety.

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