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posted 4/17/08


Lake County Angles for More Withdrawals from Lake Michigan


Lake County has engaged on the topic of drinking water supply. The county's written policy focuses on getting financial commitments from distant and growing communities access to use more Lake Michigan water. They propose to build a new 15 mgd (million gallon per day) 45 mile pipeline to tap more of Illinois' limited Lake Michigan allocation (2.1 bgd limit).


While we support the water conservation campaign, we question the wisdom of piping more Lake Michigan across two watersheds to support overdevelopment on the west side of Lake County, while Lake Michigan water levels are challenged by Global Warming. Will McHenry County lay a claim next? What kind of example does this set for the other counties in Lake Michigan states?


Click Here! This is the policy. It's a different message for the municipalities than the conservation message they've prepared for the public.


In contrast, their public education campaign is dubbed "Save Water" on this stresses limited supply and conservation. And it includes videos!


Click Here! Save Water Videos! Here's a sample:


May 16, 2008,
8 am - 3:30 pm

Water Meeting


Beyond Showerheads and Sprinklers: Water Governance Solutions for Illinois

Registration Fee before April 15: $45
Registration Fee after April 15: $50
Register Now Here!

Demand for water in Illinois is growing, but supply is not. A gubernatorial order called for the creation of a statewide framework for regional water supply planning. What will that framework be? How will it function? How can it protect our water resources and meet our needs? Participate in this conference, and help set the direction for water supply governance in Illinois.

Keynote Speaker: Peter Gleick, President, Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security; member of the National Academy of Sciences; and author of the biennial report "The World's Water."
Sponsored by Openlands, the Metropolitan Planning Council and the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, with support from the Joyce Foundation and Lumpkin Family Foundation.

An early registration fee of $45 (before April 15th) covers food and beverage throughout the conference.
After April 15th registration will increase to $50.
Deadline to register is Monday, May 12th.

For more information, contact Lenore Beyer-Clow, 312-863-6264

Union League Club of Chicago
65 West Jackson Boulevard


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