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SMC Board Meeting Agenda
July 10, 2008
See p. 22-24.
ALERT: Attend Public Meeting.
Antioch Osmond Sports Park on the
Stormwater Management Commission Agenda

Thursday, July 10, 2008
7:00-9:00 p.m.
333 Peterson Rd.

See our recent W&W News article>> for the background.

Ask SMC for these policy changes:.

  • Require temporary sediment collection on mass graded sites until permanent detention ponds and sediment ponds are completely stabilized. Otherwise, unstabilized erosion control ponds will continue to contribute to sediment run-off while they are constructed and until new vegetation on them takes root.

  • Require separate permits for mass grading, not issued until sediment controls are in and stabilized. Developers must not be allowed to shortcut sediment run-off prevention measures to speed construction.

  • Discontinue allowing ponds and roads in the 100 ft. wetland buffer zones. Ponds and roads defeat the function of buffers by impairing their filtering ability, especially during construction.

Ask SMC for these enforcement measures:.

  • Put an end to persistent sediment control violations at the Osmond Sports Park. These have included:
    1.  Significant and risky changes to the sediment control system without SMC notification or approval required by the Probation terms.
    2.  Failure to document dewatering of the site on April 16th.
    3.  Failure to remedy problems documented in Erosion and Sediment Control Reports (see below), including insufficient topsoil for stabilization, flattened sediment fencing, broken and faulty filtered risers and missing rip-rap.
    4.  Failure to complete emergency repairs within 10 days in early May to prevent unmitigated sediment runoff into the Sequoit Creek wetlands and floodplain.

  • The present probation terms are not working at this site. Since last October, Antioch's actions at this site have failed to show that they can follow the WDO. Please assign sole responsibility for this site to SMC, and strengthen the terms of Antioch's probation so that SMC must be involved in all stormwater approvals in Antioch.



Date of Document



July 17, 2007 Construction Plan Set Click Here! Sheet 1

This aerial photo shows wetlands (blue) that extend in the lower center of the frame to just outside the border of the OSP site (shown below). The wetlands lead directly to Sequoit Creek to the West of this view.

Click Here! Sheet 1 Notes
Click Here! Sheet 1 Legend

Click Here! Sheet 3

This shows the plan for the OSP, with a large detention area in the SW corner. In the extreme SW corner is a sedimentation pond, located in the 100' buffer called for in the WDO. Any failure of this pond will impact the wetlands, and the Creek.

Click Here! Sheet 3, Detention Pond
Click Here! Sheet 3, Wetlands

Click Here! Sheet 3, Notes
Click Here! Sheet 5
Click Here! Sheet 6
Click Here! Sheet 9

Click Here! Sheet 9, Grading Notes

Click Here! Sheet 12

The notes on sheet 12 call for 6" of pulverized topsoil, but most of the detention areas, where grass has not grown, have none.


Click Here! Sheet 13: Engineered Stormwater Structures

Proper construction of a filtered perforated riser is shown, but the OSP risers are not stabilized to remain erect. The plans do not show the use of plywood and hay to block a 30" pipe leading to the wetlands.

Click Here! Sheet 14: Engineered Stormwater Structures


March -April, 2008

This site was graded before the sediment control ponds were stabilized. Other villages require run-off to be shunted to temporary sediment ponds while the permanent one are built and stabilized. These reports show that Antioch not only pursued a plan without these safeguards, but did nothing when the crucial sediment filters were in disrepair and dysfunctional. SMC also failed their supervisory role, both by not insisting on a system that would not fail, like this one did last August, and by not taking independent action to protect Sequoit Creek from illicit discharges in May and June this year. 

The perforated riser in the sediment pond was compromised for a month, from 3/6/08 until 4/3/08, despite repeated instructions to correct it. The one in the main detention pond was compromised for weeks, from 3/20/08 until 4/3/08. This photo also shows the use of plywood and hay to block a 30" pipe leading to the wetlands.

Click Here! Erosion and Sediment Control Report
From Mark Cobb, Engineer, GHA
Dated March 6
Shows compromised sediment filter. However, the Perforated Riser Observations in the report say it’s installed and mortared in, with adequate stone at the base – all untrue. This report also notes that the detention and sediment basins are covered with snow and ice – which would mostly melt by the next report. Also shows plywood used to block exit of sedimentation pond.

Click Here! Erosion and Sediment Control Report
From Gewalt Hamilton Associates.
Ron Nissen, Senior Technician, DECI
Dated March 20
Filed May 22, 2008.
Shows that most of the snow and ice did melt, and that it (and any rainwater) bypassed the filter on the compromised riser, exiting instead through the grill atop the fallen riser, sitting on the ground. All the blanks in the report’s Perforated Riser Observations indicate no problems with these filters, but the Comments say that two of them must be re-set.

Click Here! Erosion and Sediment Control Report
From Gewalt Hamilton Associates.
Ron Nissen, Senior Technician, DECI
Dated April 3
Filed May 22, 2008.
Shows that the riser in the sediment pond still is not re-set, and that the one in the detention pond is stripped and out of position. The comments in the report support this, but only one check box indicating a problem is marked.

Click Here! Erosion and Sediment Control Report
From Gewalt Hamilton Associates.
Ron Nissen, Senior Technician, DECI
Dated April 12
Filed May 22, 2008.
Shows that the perforated filtered risers are finally properly installed, but the one in the main pond is already holding back a lot of water, and the water in the sedimentation pond, presumably getting through the detention pond filter, is muddy.


May 2, 2008

These reports give a conflicted and troubling account. They reveal an April 15 decision to remove sediment control from the main basin and rely on the sediment basin alone, but the April 3 report shows the filter removed before this decision was made. After a resident complaint of sediment in Sequoit Creek on May 2, the sedimentation pond was found unplugged, empty and unstabilized. Nevertheless, these reports following that declare that the stormwater system, sedimentation basin and inlet protection are "satisfactory," and that the adjacent wetlands are protected.

Click Here! Field Observation Report
From Mike Shrake, DECI, GHA
Dated May 2, 3:30 p.m.
Created May 6, 9:31 a.m.
Complaint received May 2, 1:30 p.m.
Plywood blocking exit of only sedimentation control "fallen down."
No discharge from empty pond.
Items marked "N/A":
Dewatering Facility,
 • Restrictor
Items marked "Satisfactory":
Stormwater System,
 • Detention/Sediment Basin Condition

 • Inlet Protection

Click Here! Erosion and Sediment Control Report
From Gewalt Hamilton Associates.
Dated May 2
Filed May 22, 2008.
Perforated riser filter in sedimentation pond bypassed by open 30" pipe.
Sedimentation basin not stabilized.
Are appropriate dewatering BMP's in place and functioning properly?: "N/A"
Are all adjacent offsite wetlands protected from impact?: "Yes"

Click Here! Osmond Sports Complex Memo
From Gewalt Hamilton Associates
Sent May 6
To Tim Cook, SMC
April 15 site meeting agreement to remove perforated riser filter from main basin, and rely on perforated riser filter in downstream sedimentation pond.
Sedimentation pond empty.
Plywood removal from 30" pipe exiting sedimentation pond a mystery.
DK Contractors waiting for site to dry. Landscape Concepts waiting to apply topsoil, JF New waiting to install native plant plugs.
Same photographs as May 22 report.

Click Here! Erosion and Sediment Control Report
From Gewalt Hamilton Associates.
Ron Nissen, Senior Technician, DECI
Dated April 3
Filed May 22, 2008.
Shows the perforated riser filter damaged or removed from the main detention pond before the April 15 site meeting.
Main detention pond empty.
Sedimentation pond empty.
Filtered riser in the detention pond compromised, allowing sediment discharge.
Perforated Riser notes contradictory.


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