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There will be a protest at the NSSD facility on Dahringer Road at 7:00 a.m. on Monday 2/17/03. If you can join us, please  click here and let us know immediately.

Print out these 8"x11" posters and make signs: Poster1, Poster2. (Minimize margins in Page Setup.)

On Friday afternoon 2/14/03, NSSD held a press conference to announce that they would start construction of their sludge incinerator on Monday, 2/17/03. Frank Lyons (former Democratic Region 5 IL EPA administrator) and Brian Jensen (NSSD manager) served as the NSSD spokesmen. During this meeting in Gurnee NSSD surreptitiously ordered the arrival of construction trucks at the site in Waukegan!

The people of Waukegan are outraged, and every W&W member should share their outrage at NSSD for their intent to pollute our air and the waters of Lake Michigan with this plant.


The North Shore Sanitary District collects and treats sewage from about 300,000 residents and businesses in Lake County roughly in the area between Rt. 94 and Lake Michigan. See W&W News #34 for our December 2001 article on their plans to begin incinerating the sludge. Construction of this plant on the Waukegan Lakefront will frustrate Waukegan's promising lakefront renewal, release unacceptable amounts of poisonous mercury, dioxin and other pollutants into the air and Lake Michigan, and subject the local community to sludge transportation through their neighborhoods.

Your Sierra Club W&W leadership, in league with other environmental organizations, has been actively opposing the construction and operation of this plant since 2001. To our great dismay, the Illinois EPA participated in the evasion of our weak environmental protection laws and granted NSSD a permit to construct this plant. We are glad that the City of Waukegan is opposing this development by refusing to grant a siting permit to NSSD. We have also received support from IL 10th district representative Mark Kirk.

We seek member volunteers eager to help pursue this challenge. Contact us to get involved.

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