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January, 2012

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January 15
Hike the FAP 342 Corridor
Heron Creek FP, Long Grove
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Evan Craig
Warm clothes, sturdy, preferably waterproof boots, 2nd pair of shoes, water, eye protection. $free

Did you know that there are hundreds of acres of public land that connect together half the way up the middle of Lake County? These lands and waters form a corridor, and are our unofficial wildlife preserve, featuring dozens of high value wetlands, several streams, and proximity to six Lake County Forest Preserves. Yet few even know it exists. Now it is once again threatened by those who want to have an extension of the Rt. 53 expressway built through these sensitive areas. This hike will start where this corridor joins the Heron Creek Forest Preserve to the nearby Egret Marsh Forest Preserve, and explore its course to the South. After the hike we'll regroup at a local coffeehouse to warm up.

This outing will leave forest preserve trails and small local roads and go cross-country to follow the proposed "FAP 342" road corridor ROW. Expect some rough and wet terrain as we explore this wetland-rich area.

If you're planning to come, please click on the leader's name above and let us know to expect you.

Meet in Heron Creek FP in the last parking lot on its internal drive. The entrance to Heron Creek FP is on the W side of Old McHenry Rd, just S of Rt. 22.

LIMIT 24 - 18 sign-ups as of 1/15/12.

This outing planned in collaboration with the Liberty Prairie Conservancy, and with vital assistance from the Village of Long Grove.


These maps and information about the area of the hike were produced using the Lake County on-line Graphical Information Service.

ADID (High Quality) Wetlands Lake County (Isolated) Wetland Inventory Information
22-Cuba Rd Aerial 22-Cuba Rd Aerial LCSW Report About Adjoining Canterbury Development Land Near Deerwood
22-LongGrove Rd Aerial 22-LongGrove Rd Aerial Lake County ADID Wetland Report
Courtesy of the Liberty Prairie Conservancy