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Endorsed Candidates for Statewide Constitutional Offices

Governor: Pat Quinn, Democrat

Sierra Club is proud to endorse Pat Quinn for Governor, as the only candidate who has pledged to cut carbon pollution in Illinois, and has a long history of fighting for clean energy, clean water, and protecting the Prairie State.

President Obama’s climate action plan is an historic effort to cut carbon emissions by moving to clean energy. It’s a huge step toward solving climate change, but it depends on states doing their part.

Under Pat Quinn, Illinois has already created 20,000 jobs in renewable energy, and on track to get at least 25% of our power from clean energy. Governor Quinn has also worked to protect Illinois’ last wild places, and increase protections for our rivers, lakes, and streams.

When it comes to climate change and clean energy, there is a real contrast in this election. Bruce Rauner has been a big supporter of groups that deny the science of climate change. He supports more fracking, coal mining, and nuclear plants. We disagree.

Illinois cannot turn back. Let’s stay on track to a cleaner, greener, more prosperous Illinois.

Attorney General: Lisa Madigan, Democrat 

As the people's lawyer, Attorney General Lisa Madigan has been pursuing illegal polluters for almost a decade. Madigan and her team have cracked down on dirty coal plants, illegal coal mining practices, industrial water polluters, and others who don't obey our clean air and water laws.

Aggressively pursuing polluters and ensuring that the State's air, land and water are protected for future generations are priorities that Attorney General Lisa Madigan will continue to pursue.

Treasurer: Mike Frerichs, Democrat

Mike Frerichs as a state senator has been a supporter of clean energy policies that have spurred more than 20,000 jobs in Illinois. He plans to extend his environmental commitment to the treasurer's office to advance goals such as clean energy and socially responsible investing.

In recognition of his longstanding commitment to the environment, he was named the "Outstanding Legislator" of the year by the Illinois Environmental Council.

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