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Endorsed Candidates for the Illinois Senate

Illinois Senate 3: Mattie Hunter, Democrat 
Website: NA

Mattie Hunter recognizes that water is an important natural resource and needs to be protected for future generations. She has supported efforts to protect our communities from the dangers of high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

She has been a long-term supporter of protecting public health by removing harmful toxics from our environment.

Illinois Senate 6: John Cullerton, Democrat 
Website: NA

Senate President John Cullerton has long been a champion for the environment. During his time in the Senate, Springfield has been the site of several transformational clean energy victories. In less than a decade, we have gone from a state without energy policy (beyond throwing money at dirty coal and nuclear energy) to having some of the most aggressive renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements in the country. These major advances would not have been possible without clean energy champions like President Cullerton.

Illinois Senate 9: Daniel Biss, Democrat 

Daniel Biss has been a consistent voice for the environment while serving both in the house and senate. He has supported the range of environmental issues, and has become a critical voice for air, water and open spaces.

Biss has been a leader on clean energy initiatives and has sponsored legislation that requires the Department of Natural Resources to develop a plan for siting off-shore wind projects on Lake Michigan. The plan must consider impacts to wildlife, transportation and environmental factors.

Illinois Senate 30: Terry Link, Democrat 
Website: NA

Sentor Link has frequently sponsored or been the co-sponsor of several key environmental bills. His leadership in the Senate has helped several bills cross the finish line and resulted in huge environmental benefits for our communities.

We need legislators like Terry Link to help navigate the challenges in Springfield, and to make sure that bills that improve our environment get to the governor's desk.

Illinois Senate 39: Don Harmon, Democrat 
Website: NA

Don Harmon is a consistent voice and leader for the environment in Springfield. He has been a clean energy advocate and has supported and sponsored several pieces of legislation that create clean energy jobs in our communities and save homeowners money through lower utility bills.

He supported efforts to place a moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Illinois, due to the dangers the practice places on our air, water and land.

Illinois Senate 42: Linda Holmes, Democrat 

Linda Holmes is an advocate for protecting wildlife in our state. She successfully championed a bill that would add wolves, bears and cougars to the list of protected species in Illinois. Her efforts will ensure that as these species begin to come back to their traditional home range in Illinois, that they will be welcomed back and have the opprtunity to repopulate in our state.

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