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Endorsed Candidates for Lake County Board

District 3: Tom Weber
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Tom Weber, of Lake Villa, IL, is in his first term on the Lake County Board. He grew up on a family farm going back over 100 years in Lake County, is a champion of the local food movement, open space protection and has been involved in many programs to help the environment. Commissioner Weber has a perfect environmental voting record in his first term on the Lake County Board and we look forward to working together in his second term.

District 6: John Wylie

John Wylie, resident of the environmental conservation community, Prairie Crossing, environmental defender and sustainable jobs advocate, is running to replace retiring Pat Carey. John has the vision, knowledge and skills to lead Lake County in creating a sustainable and thriving economy by supporting, incentivizing and investing in local food, recycling and renewable energy jobs while protecting our environment, public health and open spaces, investing in our infrastructure and in renewable energy all with an eye to keeping our fiscal house in order and reducing our tax burden.

District 9: Mary Ross Cunningham 
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Mary Ross Cunningham, from Waukegan, IL, is a long-term incumbent on the Lake County Board. As a member of the Health and Community Services Committee and an elected official representing a community hit hard by industrial pollution over the years, Mrs. Cunningham is a staunch advocate for environmental and public health protection and for jobs in her district. With Commissioner Cunningham as their representative, the Citizens of Lake County, Waukegan and North Chicago have a staunch defender of their right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and have a thriving economy.

District 17: Nick Sauer 

Nick Sauer, from Lake Barrington, Illinois, is the incumbent Lake County Board Member from District 17. He considers environmental protection and open land conservation to be a top priority for his district and for the county as a whole; a concern he credits to his family's long history of watershed and open space protection and affiliation with the Barrington-area Citizens for Conservation organization. Commissioner Sauer would like to see Lake County become a leader in providing technology and infrastructure for electric vehicles.

District 19: Craig Taylor 

Craig Taylor was a key supporter of keeping incinerators out of the Lake County Solid Waste Plan as well as a proponent of creating the Recycling Task Force and approving the resulting plan. He votes consistently to support a healthy environment and open spaces and was a key supporter in creating the new position of sustainability coordinator for Lake County.

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