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We will continue to add endorsed candidates throughout the year, but due to the condensed time frame of the primary season we were not able to evaluate all races. Please check back periodically.

Endorsed Candidates for the Illinois House

Illinois House 4: Cynthia Soto, Democrat 
Website: NA

Cynthia Soto has been a leader on trying to establish green service zones, which would allow for homeowners to expand the use of renewable energy devices and energy and water efficiency measures. The service zones allow homeowners to slowly pay back the costs of these new measures by voluntarily adding a property tax assessment.


Illinois House 7: Emanuel Chris Welch, Democrat 

Sierra Club endorses Chris Welch in Illinois House District 7. Welch in his first term become a champion for clean energy and estbalished himself as an pro-environment champion. Prior to serving in the General Assembly he served on the school board, and was an advocate for energy efficiency. He recognized that improved energy efficiency measures can save our schools money, create a better environment for our kids to learn in all while improving the environment.


Illinois House 8: LaShawn Ford, Democrat 
Website: NA

LaShawn Ford is a champion for our environment, and has a consistent pro-environment voting record. Recognizing the need and importance for green jobs in our communities Ford has always championed policies that emphasize renewables and energy efficiency before dirty coal.

Ford also supports a sustainable Department of Natural Resources and has worked with the agency to host educational events highlighting the work being done to prevent invasive species like Asian carp from spreading into Lake Michigan.

Illinois House 9: Art Turner, Democrat 
Website: NA

Art Turner has demonstrated his support for clean energy and energy efficiency measures. He said no to new polluting coal facilities, while sponsoring legislation to make it easier for Illinois families to pay for energy efficiency investments through their utility bill.

Illinois House 11: Ann Williams, Democrat 

Ann Williams has established herself as one of the leading voices on the environment. She has sponsored legislation to expand energy efficiency and the use of electric cars.

Williams is one of handful of legislators that voted for the environment 100% of the time.

Illinois House 12: Sara Feigenholtz, Democrat 

Sara Feigenholtz is an ally and an environmental champion in the Illinois House of Representatives. Sierra Club is happy to endorse Feigenholtz again for Illinois House District 12. Feigenholtz has been an important vote on issues such as:

  • Opposing new coal plants
  • Funding public transit
  • Increasing solar energy opportunities

  • Illinois House 13: Greg Harris, Democrat 
    Website: NA

    Greg Harris has been a strong supporter of clean energy issues. He has supported the expansion of rooftop renewables and energy efficiency measures. He opposed high-volume hydraulic fracturing, but supported strong regulatory measures when a fracking moratorium failed.

    Illinois House 14: Kelly Cassidy, Democrat 

    Kelly Cassidy has distinguished herself as a pro-environment vote, but more importantly as a leader on environmental issues. She said no to new coal and high-volume hydraulic fracturing, while saying yes and sponsoring legislation to expanded greater use of renewable energy sources.

    Cassidy has also been an advocate for protecting wildlife in our state. In 2014, she successfully championed a bill that would add wolves, bears and cougars to the list of protected species in Illinois. Her efforts will ensure that as these species begin to come back to their traditional home range in Illinois, that they will be welcomed back and have the opprtunity to repopulate in our state.

    Illinois House 16: Lou Lang, Democrat 

    Lou Lang over the course of his career has been a constant environmental supporter. He has helped protect Great Lakes resources by supporting efforts to reduce water usage and curbing the spread of invasive species. He has also led efforts to make it more affordable for homeowners to install rooftop renewable energy devices and energy efficient measure on their homes.

    Lang has a demonstrated record on a range of environmental issues, and will continue that trend moving forward.

    Illinois House 17: Laura Fine, Democrat  Website:

    Laura Fine with a 100% green voting record in her first term has proven she is going to be one of our environmental leaders. She opposed high-volume hydraulic fracturing, but supported strong regulatory measures when a fracking moratorium failed.

    Fine also has been working to ban the use of toxic coal tar sealants in our communities. The compounds used in the sealant are carcinogenic and a threat to public health and our rivers, lakes and streams.

    Illinois House 18: Robyn Gabel, Democrat 

    Robin Gabel has become a consistent environmental supporter. With Lake Michigan an important part of her district, Gabel has supported initiatives that encourage water conservation and halt the spread of invasive species like Asian carp.

    Gabel is also a supporter of clean energy initiatives and has sponsored legislation that requires the Department of Natural Resources to develop a plan for siting off-shore wind projects on Lake Michigan. The plan must consider impacts to wildlife, transportation and environmental factors.

    Illinois House 19: Robert Martwick, Democrat 
    Facebook: Martwick

    Robert Martwick, elected in 2012, has become an new voice for the environment. He consistently voted to protect the environment, and supported policies that will make it possible to increase the use of solar in our state.

    Martwick opposed high-volume hydraulic fracturing, but supported strong regulatory measures when a fracking moratorium failed.

    Illinois House 21: Silvana Tabares, Democrat 
    Website: NA

    Silvana Tabares understands the importance of community. She sponsored a resolution to recognize consituent Kim Wasserman's win of the Goldman prize for her outstanding work in protecting public health from pollution. The Goldman prize is the environment's version of the Nobel prize.

    Tabares is also interested in creating more green space and parks in addition to the use of more renewable energy in our communities.

    Illinois House 24: Elizabeth Hernandez, Democrat 
    Website: NA

    Elizabeth Hernandez supports and is interested in expanding green energy policies. She supports greener construction which will reduce the energy footprint of our buildings now and in the future.

    Hernandez has been a constant supporter of the environment.

    Illinois House 25: Barbara Flynn Currie, Democrat 

    Barbara Flynn Currie is a leader on environmental issues and has long been an environmental champion in the General Assembly. Sierra Club is pleased to endorse Currie for Illinois House District 25. Currie, has been honored with a lifetime legislative achievement award from the Illinois Environmental Council. She has consistently voted to move us beyond coal, opposed high-volume hydraulic fracturing and has been a leader on energy efficiency and renewables. In addition, she has consistently supported:

  • Funding Public Transit
  • Protecting the state's special and unique places

  • Illinois House 26: Christian Mitchell, Democrat 

    Christian Mitchell is a clean energy leader that is focused on making renewables and energy efficiency measures affordable and achievable for all Illinoisans. He is an advocate for seeing the state make good on itís promise to expand energy efficiency to moderate to low-income home owners through the Urban Weatherization Program. Beyond weatherization he wants to continue to expand green technology opportunities in urban areas which will continue to contribute to job growth in our cities.

    Illinois House 33: Marcus Evans, Democrat 
    Website: NA

    Marcus Evans is an advocate for environmental justice. He sponsored and passed a bill that prohibited building or expanding new landfills in Chicago and Cook County.

    Evans has also been an advocate for the Millenium Resrve Project, which is an economic and environmental renewal plan for southeast Chicago and the Lake Calumet region.

    Illinois House 34: Elgie Sims, Democrat 

    Elgie Sims in his first term has established himself as a pro-environment legislator. In his first term he had a 100% environmental voting record. Representing the southeast side he will bring an important voice to the Lake Calumet area, which will become a core part of the Millenum Reserve project.

    Illinois House 38: Al Riley, Democrat  Website: NA

    Al Riley serves on the environmental health committee and looks to science to help inform his decisions on policy. He is committed to improving energy efficiency through weatherization projects and supports the creation of green jobs.

    Illinois House 40: Jaime Andrade, Democrat 
    Website: NA
    Facebook: NA

    Sierra Club is proud to endorse Jaime Andrade, for a better future. He knows that moving beyond fossil fuels helps our community and our planet. He supports moving to wind and solar power and moving beyond coal, which protects our health and creates good jobs.

    Andrade worked to protect Lake Michigan by eliminating platic microbeads from personal care products. Once in our waterways, wildlife ingest the microbeads as they are not able to tell the difference between food and plastic.

    Illinois House 43: Anna Moeller, Democrat 

    Anna Moeller was appointed late in the 2014 session, but she quickly demonstrated that she was going to be part of the green team in Springfield. Moeller supported a bill that would expand the use of solar in our communities, and voted against a pro-coal resolution. We're excited about the opportunity to work eith Moeller for a full session, and to have another environmental champion.

    Illinois House 44: Fred Crespo 
    Website: NA

    Fred Crespo through his seat on the appropriations committee has helped stem the disproportionate cuts made in years to the Department of Natural Resources.

    Crespo has also been a clean energy and energy efficiency supporter. In recent years he passed a bill that led to the creation of a state wind advisory council that was tasked with looking into the best areas for offshore wind development on Lake Michigan, and supported efforts to expand rooftop solar in our communities.

    Illinois House 45: Mike Fortner, Republican 
    Website: NA

    Mike Fortner, has been a consistent vote against taxpayer subsidies for coal plants, and supports efforts that will help reduce our dependence on and transition us away from dirty fossil fuels. We count on his leadership as the co-chair of the green caucus and as the lead sponsor on many of our clean energy initiatives.

    Fortner began as a citizen activist fighting to hold Kerr McKee Corporation responsible for contaminating the rivers and groundwater of West Chicago and surrounding communities with thorium. He provided crucial leadership as he progressed from citizen to West Chicago alderman to West Chicago mayor in getting the multi-group thorium cleanup agreement with Kerr McGee.

    Illinois House 46: Deb Conroy  Website:

    Deb Conroy, a first-term incumbent, distinguished herself as a pro-environment champion. Conroy led the effort to eliminate an outdated energy curriculum that only taught our children about the benefits of coal. An independent review of the program by educators deemed the curriculum out of date and wasteful.

    Conroy knows that clean, renewable energy is an important part of Illinois' economy, and one of the ways to combat climate disruption. Conroy supported expanding the use of solar in the state, as she recognized that in addition to helping the planet, it would also put people to work in our communities.

    Illinois House 55: Marty Moylan 

    Moylan has been an advocate for clean energy, as a former electrician he understands the potential that solar energy has for helping to cut carbon pollution.

    Moylan has a solid track record when it comes to moving us to a clean energy economy. In the General Assembly he supported new efforts to expand solar energy while weaning us from dirty fossil fuels extracted through the dangerous process of hydraulic fracturing.

    During his tenure as Mayor of DesPlaines he moved to reduce the city's global warming footprint. The city has developed a sustainability plan, installed LED traffic lights and developed a comprehensive bike plan.

    Illinois House 56: Michelle Mussman, Democrat 

    Michelle Mussman as a mom is committed to greening our schools and creating green jobs. She supports policies that help improve energy efficiency so the money stays in the classroom rather than on utility bills.

    Mussman is also in favor of those policies that create jobs in the green economy, and has reatedly supported efforts to expand the use of renewable energy, while weaning us off of dirty fossil fuels.

    Illinois House 57: Elaine Nekritz, Democrat 

    Elaine Nekritz has been a crusader against toxics in our environment and a staunch supporter of energy efficiency measures. Nekritz has sponsored several pieces of legislation that seek to remove toxic chemicals from the clothing and products that our children wear and use.

    Nekritz has long supported renewables and championed energy efficiency. Thanks to her efforts around energy efficiency consumers are saving money and helping to improve Illinois' environment.

    Illinois House 58: Scott Drury, Democrat 

    Scott Drury served more than 7 years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, and worked on enforcement issues with USEPA. Drury supported a moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing, while supporting clean energy and energy efficiency initiatives. Since taking office he has worked with local volunteers on a hazardous waste issue at the former Fort Sheridan site, and become a consistent voice for the environment.

    Drury also supports thoughtful expansion of Illinoisís transit systems, including funding for the CTA, more PACE and Metra services, and supporting electric vehicle car-sharing services.

    Illinois House 59: Carol Sente, Democrat 

    Carol Sente is an experienced environmental activist, demonstrating her concern and care through her membership on the Green Caucus and her position as Vice-Chair of the Environmental Health Committee. She supports bills that encourage water conservation measures, electric vehicle usage, and clean energy.

    Sente's background, as an architect that specialized in LEED certification, has made her a natural leader on issues like clean energy and a champion on energy efficiency.

    Illinois House 60: Rita Mayfield, Democrat 

    Rita Mayfield has remained a pro-environment supporter. She has supported the expanded use of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. She understands that transitioning from fossil fuels is important, and has supported local constituent's efforts to clean up or shut down a dirty coal plant.

    Mayfield opposed high-volume hydraulic fracturing, but supported strong regulatory measures when a fracking moratorium failed.

    Illinois House 62: Sam Yingling, Democrat 

    Sam Yingling has become an important new voice from Lake County. Yingling supported measures to expand the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. He understands that it's important that we transition away from fossil fuels to better protect our communities and create good paying jobs.

    Yingling opposed high-volume hydraulic fracturing, but supported strong regulatory measures when a fracking moratorium failed.

    Illinois House 64: Barbara Wheeler, Republican 

    Barbara Wheeler of Crystal Lake is a fresh new voice in the 64th District representing parts of McHenry and Lake Counties. Former teacher and Peace Corps member, Representative Wheeler, served on the McHenry County Board for 10 years, and joined the Green Caucus after being elected to the General Assembly. She is a staunch advocate for watershed protection, water conservation, open land protection and renewable energy development.

    Illinois House 77: Kathleen Willis, Democrat 
    Website: NA

    Kathleen Willis, as a freshman legislator in 2013, emerged as a new environmental champion. She supported protecting our air, water and land from the dangers of high-volume hydraulic fracturing, and supported efforts to transition us from fossil fuels.

    She understands the importance of the green economy, and recognizes that policies incentivizing renewables and efficiency are a key component to creating jobs in our communities.

    Illinois House 78: Camille Lilly, Democrat 

    In Illinois House District 78, Sierra Club endorses Rep. Camille Lilly. Lilly, a member of the green caucus, has been a consistent supporter of environmental issues. She has supported the expansion of renewable energy, creating jobs through urban weatherization programs and highlighted the need to remove toxics from our environment.

    Illinois House 81: Ron Sandack, Republican 

    Ron Sandack has been a supporter of clean energy policies, protected funds allocated for renewable energy projects, and comprehensive fracking regulations. Before serving in the Illinois legislature, he was an environmentally friendly mayor of Downers Grove. As Mayor, Ron Sandack initiated many cost saving and sustainability-focused programs within the village. These initiatives include a successful recycling "extravaganza," hybrid powered residential street lighting, a rain barrel program for residents, and expansion of the villageís natural gas powered municipal fleet.

    Illinois House 83: Linda Chapa LaVia, Democrat 
    Website: NA
    Chapa LaVia

    Linda Chapa La Via has been a long time friend of the environment. She has supported the policies that are moving Illinois to a clean energy future, and keeping our waters like the Fox River clean.

    Chapa La Via as chair of the education committee has also been supportive of energy efficiency measures in our schools, which help keep dollars focused on classrooms rather than utility bottom lines.

    Illinois House 84: Stephanie Kifowit, Democrat 

    Sierra Club has endorsed Stephanie Kifowit for State Representative in the 84th District. Kifowit is Alderman for the Third Ward in Aurora and has a strong environmental record of supporting green initiatives in the city. She supports moving us beyond coal and favors increasing the use of wind, solar and energy efficiency measures.

    Illinois House 85: Emily McAsey, Democrat 

    Emily McAsey as chair of the environment committee is an important leader for the environmental community. She has helped to ensure that pro-environment bills get a hearing in committee. In addition to making sure our bills get a fair hearing, McAsey votes pro-environment.

    Illinois House 92: Jehan Gordon-Booth, Democrat 

    Jehan Gordon has been a consistent environmental voice in Springfield. She has supported clean energy legislation, and has helped to convene a coalition of groups to talk about a just transition for workers and impacted communities in the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

    Illinois House 103: Carol Ammons, Democrat 

    Carol Ammons is an exciting new candidate. She founded an organization around environmental justice issues, and worked with that organization to clean up an old coal tar plant. She is concerned about protecting our drinking water and local communities from pollution. She is especially concerned about the impacts from hydraulic fracturing.

    Ammons will be a great new addition to the legislature.

    Illinois House 112: Cullen L. Cullen, Democrat 

    Cullen Cullen has been the Superintendent of the Venice, IL, Public School District located in the Metro East. In that role he has been part of efforts to make the district more energy efficient and save money for the school system. He understands that increasing the use of renewable energy and efficiency can lead to lower costs and a healthier environment for our kids to learn in.

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