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Endorsed Candidates for Congress

US Senate: Dick Durbin, Democrat 

durbinSenator Durbin has fought to protect Lake Michigan from the dumping of coal ash, and has been an outspoken advocate for EPA's ability to tackle climate change.

Durbin has been a constant supporter of environmental issues and has not wavered with the changing political winds. His unwavering support makes him a great leader for the IL Congressional delegation, and he is enthusiastically endorsed for another term.

Illinois 1: Bobby Rush, Democrat 
Website: NA

Congressman Rush has championed toxics reform in Washington. He is the lead sponsor of the Toxic Safe Chemicals Act, which would require that companies prove their chemicals are safe before putting them on the market. Current regulation does not require companies to demonstrate public health safety before adding a new chemical.

Rush, in addition to being a consistent vote for environmental protections, has been an advocate for clean energy policies that support the creation of green jobs. Sierra Club applauds his efforts to support green jobs, protect public health and is enthusiastically endorsed for re-election.

Illinois 2: Robin Kelly, Democrat 

Robin Kelly has been an environmental champion at every role and level of government she has served in. She values the role of strong and healthy communities, and has supported policies like the President's Climate Action Plan, which will involve state and local government in meeting the challenges of climate disruption.

Illinois 3: Dan Lipinski, Democrat 

Congressman Lipinski has been a leader on transportation issues. He has been an advocate for expanding freight and passenger rail, and has insisted that any federal transportation bill must maintain dedicated funding for public transportation.

Lipinski has resisted efforts to cut EPA funding and supported multiple efforts to protect Lake Michigan and curb climate pollution.

Illinois 4: Luis Gutierrez, Democrat  Website: NA

Congressman Gutierrez is a reliable supporter of stronger air and water pollution control laws. He has opposed efforts to gut the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Gutierrez also consistently opposes attacks on our public lands. As part of his passion to reform immigration policy, Gutierrez is working for border policies that don't damage the rich ecosystems along the U.S. - Mexico border.

Illinois 5: Mike Quigley, Democrat 

Congressman Quigley has been a champion on a spectrum of issues ranging from climate change to protecting our unique places. He has been a vocal opponent of the Keystone Pipeline proposal, which threatens drinking water supplies and will significantly contribute to global warming emissions. He has also been a staunch supporter of allowing EPA to continue doing it's job in developing science based rules that protect our health from toxins like mercury and coal ash.

Quigley supports the development of clean energy designed to rebuild domestic manufacturing, which will continue the growth in the green collar jobs sector.

Illinois 7: Danny Davis, Democrat 

Congressman Danny Davis has been a supporter of federal action to address climate change. He has demonstrated his support by voting for efforts that incentivize clean energy and energy efficiency job opportunities, while consistently voting against efforts that would strip EPA of its funding and ability to regulate greenhouse gases.

Davis is also a long time supporter of funding passenger rail, and protecting habitat for wildlife.

Illinois 8: Tammy Duckworth, Democrat 

Tammy Duckworth has been a leader on clean energy. As a veteran she has elevated the concept of clean energy security. She points out that most of the fuel transported into Iraq and Afghanistan was used not to transport troops or equipment but to air-condition tents until the Army insulated the tents. She has seen the results of US military men and women being blown up by IEDs while making fuel runs that would be unnecessary had more energy efficiency been in place. She is enthusiastic about installation of solar panels on roofs of military bases and government buildings generally and adoption of DARPA-developed technology to enable recharging batteries in the field.

Illinois 9: Jan Schakowsky, Democrat 

Congresswoman Schakowsky has been a leader on protecting the Great Lakes from pollution. She sponsored legislation that would reduce the use and emission of mercury, which becomes a potent neuro-toxin that can be ingested through fish consumption. She also supports efforts requiring that polluters pay for the pollution that they generate.

Schakowsky is also an advocate for policies that address climate change, and identifies this as an area for American job growth.

Illinois 10: Brad Schneider, Democrat 

Congressman Schneider has become an important new voice in the Illinois Congressional Delegation. In his first term he has a 100% environmental voting record. Additionally, he has co-sponsored the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act, the American Red Rocks Wilderness Act, and has taken several actions regarding the protection of the Great Lakes.

Schneider is committed to ensuring that EPA has the funding and authority to protect our air and water. With an eye towards a sustainable future, Schneider also promotes investment in mass transit, national renewable energy standards, and protecting pristine wildernesses from oil and gas drilling operations.

Illinois 11: Bill Foster, Democrat 

Bill Foster is a scientist who cares deeply about global warming, clean air, clean water and open space. In Congress he will be a passionate advocate for the environment who will speak up with knowledge, eloquence, and confidence for our issues.

His duel careers, one as a high-energy physicist and particle accelerator designer at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the other as cofounder of a small business manufacturing lighting, account for his particular passion for effective energy solutions that create jobs.

Illinois 13: Ann Callis, Democrat 


Ann Callis is running in the "wind belt" of Illinois and understands the importance of clean energy in tackling the challenges of climate disruption and creating jobs. She recognizes that jobs created from homegrown renewable energy supplies are good for manufacturing, but also cannot be exported.

Callis is also interested in protecting public health, safety and the environment. She supports allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to do their job in protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Illinois 17: Cheri Bustos, Democrat  Website:

Cheri Bustos is a supporter of clean energy policies that help build the green economy and produce green collar jobs. She supports the Production Tax Credit (PTC), which has helped the wind energy sector grow in Illinois. Illinois now ranks 4th in the nation for wind installation, which has resulted in more than 19,000 jobs in our state.

Bustos will support policies like the PTC which will help curb global warming emissions while creating good, clean jobs that cannot be exported.