Blue heron photo 
Jason Lindsey/


Almon Underwood Prairie Forest Preserve

We hiked the .65 mile trail on a brisk winter day with melting snow.

Almon Underwood is noted for preserving a portion of the Kaneville Esker. An esker is a snaking ridge formed from a stream that ran through or beneath a glacier. That stream became plugged with sand and gravel, which was left behind as the glacier melted. The Kaneville Esker is the largest in Illinois, or was before being mined for the gravel. We contrasted the site with the surrounding quarried area, and viewed a geographical map which shows how the once continuous esker has been chopped up like a snake with a machete (the esker is in orange on the map).

Click on map to view in more detail.

We stood on top of the portion of the esker being preserved at Almon Underwood

Still visible were deer, coyote, and possibly raccoon tracks, along with various scat contrasting with the white snow. Nate identified Blue Jay calls.

Some pics from Nate:




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