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Jason Lindsey/

Valley of the Fox's Leadership


Mavis Bates*


Nate Stelton*


Julie Koivula


Craig Zabel

Chapter Delegate

Sandy Kaptain*

Programs Chair Linda Cole
Membership Chair

Fran Caffee

Outings Chair

Julie Koivula

Conservation Chair

Charlie Zine (south) and Sandy Kaptain* (north)

Grassroots Communications Chair

Cathe Stieg*

Political Chair

Linda Cole

Lobby Chair

Terri Voitik* and Mavis Bates*

Publicity Chair

Craig Zabel

Cool Cities Chair

Terri Voitik* and Craig Zabel

Climate Disruption

Sandy Kaptain*

Air Quality Chair

Ron Bedard

Sprawl Chair

Craig Zabel

Webmaster Sheila Mayol
Web Content Editor

Nate Stelton*

* Executive Committee member

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