July 28, 2009

Health and Environmental Groups Announce Intent to Sue Illinois Coal Plant Owners for Violating Clean Air Act


July 24, 2009

Two Illinois Chapter Volunteer Leaders to Receive 2009 Sierra Club Awards


July 24, 2009

IL Chapter Staff Cindy Honored as a National River Hero by the River Network


July 23, 2009

Investigation Reveals Proposed Decatur Coal Plant Sitting on Expired Permit


July 20, 2009

John Rogner Named Assistant Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources


July 9, 2009

100 Coal Plants Prevented or Abandoned, Including Indeck in Illinois


February 5, 2009

More than 1800 comments to Illinois EPA demand limits on global warming emissions


October 28, 2008

Clean Energy Victory: Appeals Court Rejects Outdated Coal Plant


September 24, 2008

U.S. House Approves Great Lakes Compact


August 26, 2008

Illinois Consumers Could See Significant Rate Increases


August 26, 2008

Sierra Club Names Springfield One of the Nation's Coolest Cities


June 19, 2008

Sierra Club Report Highlights Growing Religious Environmental Movement


May 27, 2008

Illinois Residents See Clean Cars as Solution to High Gas Prices


January 2, 2008

Indeck Energy Dumps Coal Plant:
Global Warming and Public Health Concerns Cited

December 18, 2007

Sierra Club Statement on FutureGen
Siting No New Coal Plants Until Technology Proven


November 13, 2007

New Sierra Club Report: DuPage County Streams Still Polluted; But New Cleanup Efforts Underway


September 12, 2007

Court Ruling Clears The Way For Cleaner Illinois Cars


August 28, 2007

New Illinois Energy Legislation: From the Back of the Pack to the Head of the Class


August 23, 2007

Sierra Club Challenges BP to Fix Its Permit: "Put the Promise in the Permit, Not Just the Press Release"


August 22, 2007

Environmental Groups Appeal ConocoPhillips Illinois Refinery Permit


August 18, 2007

Illinois Sierra Club Cleans Cars to Promote Clean Energy Solutions


August 17, 2007

Cook County Joins "Cool Counties" Initative. Commits to Reducing Global Warming Pollution


August 7, 2007

US EPA Issues Clean Air Act Violations


July 9, 2007

Despite Promises New Coal Plant Falls Short on Global Warming


June 30, 2007

New Ruling Will Protect Hickory Creek


June 28, 2007

IL House Joins Senate in Supporting $100 Million Annually for Open Space Acquisition and Protection


May 30, 2007

Full Senate, House Committee Recommend Including Conservation Funding In State Capital Budget


May 22, 2007

Judge to EPA: Take Action on East St. Louis Hazardous Waste Incinerator Permit


April 18, 2007

Senator Durbin Expected to Re-introduce Utah Wilderness Bill into Congress on April 19


April 12, 2007

"The New Environmentalists" - Sierra Club Volunteer Leader Will Reynolds Featured on Front Cover of Illinois Times


March 14, 2007

Citizens Appeal Plan to Pile St. Louis' Trash on Land Containing Native American Artifacts

December 12, 2006

Mercury Cleanup Plan Gains Final Approval


November 17, 2006

Sierra Club, Springfield Create Groundbreaking Clean Energy Plan


November 2, 2006

IL Pollution Control Board Votes to cut Mercury Pollution From Coal Plants by 90% by 2009


October 27, 2006

Groups File Appeal to Block Nation’s Largest New Source of Global Warming Pollution: Seek Cleaner Technology


October 18, 2006

Clean Air Victory! Federal Judge Blocks Coal Plant Construction


September 28, 2006

Clean Air Victory! Appeals Board Strikes Down Indeck Coal Plant Permit


August 25, 2006

Bush Administration Approves Nation's Largest New Source of Global Warming Pollution: Rejects Opportunity to Require Cleaner Technologies


August 22, 2006

Sierra Club Statement on Governor Blagojevich's Energy Policy Proposals


August 10, 2006

Sierra Club, Springfield Forge Landmark Clean Energy Agreement


August 9, 2006

US Army Corps Finds that Marion Dam Project Would Violate Clean Water Act


July 22, 2006

Sierra Club Sues EPA over Hazardous Waste Incinerator Permit near East St. Louis


July 21, 2006

Groundbreaking Agreement for a Cleaner Energy Future


May 22, 2006

Environment Groups want Hazardous Waste Incinerator Cleaned Up


March 20, 2006

Court Rejects Bush Administration Plan to Gut Key Clean Air Act Safeguard's


February 2, 2006

National Mercury Hair Sampling Report Documents Contamination Levels In Chicago-Area Women


February 2, 2006

Hazardous Waste Incinerator Must Clean Up Its Act, EPA rules:
East St. Louis Families Win Better Air Protections


January 18, 2006

Gov Blagojevich's New Clean Air Initatives: Clean up Mercury Pollution and help Motorists


January 10, 2006

Sierra Club and Prairie Rivers Network file joint appeal on Prairie State Power Plant Water Permit


January 5, 2006

Blagojevich Mercury Cleanup Proposal will Protect Illinois Children

December 15, 2005

Lawsuit Would Force Illinois Refineries to Clean Up Toxic Air Pollution


December 9, 2005

Word from Montreal: Illinois Student at the Global Warming Summit


November 22, 2005

Sierra Club Endorses Mike Quigley for Cook County Board President


September 28, 2005

Sierra Club Reeled in Supporters for Mercury Free Waterways at Hunting & Fishing Days


September 13, 2005

Senate Vote Leaves Women and Children at Risk of Mercury Poisoning


September 8, 2005

New Survey of Illinois Voters Reveals Strong Support for Cutting Mercury Pollution from Coal Plants


August 23, 2005

576-acre Savanna Preserve Rescued from Urban Spawl


July 21, 2005

Sierra Club Joins Lt. Gov. Quinn and Local Officials to Fight Proposed Banner Strip Mine


June 10, 2005

Peabody’s Dirty Coal Plant On Hold Again as Coalition Files New Appeal of Air Pollution Permit


May 31, 2005

In Memory of Anne Kawaters (1936-2005). Sierra Club mourns passing of long time south suburban activist


May 19, 2005

EnviroPower Pushes Ahead With Dirty Coal Plant: Sierra Club Files Suit to Require Cleaner Alternative


April 27, 2005

Sierra Club Threaten Suit Over Hazardous Waste Incinerator


March 2, 2005

New State Health Warnings About Mercury in Illinois Fish


February 23, 2005

Coalition appeals Peabody's permit to foul Illinois and Missouri skies.


January 17, 2005

Peabody Coal Gets Permit to Pollute


January 6, 2005

Sierra Club Initiates Legal Action to Clean Up Coal Plant Proposal

November 22, 2004

Illinois State Parks Spared from Off-Road Vehicle Onslaught


November 5, 2004

2004 Election Report: Hints of Silver Shine Through Dark Cloud


September 1, 2004

Sierra Club Report Shows "Illinois At Risk" From Bush Administration Policy


August 9, 2004

Gov. Blagojevich Vetoes Will Protect State Parks From Dirt Bikes, 4-Wheelers 


July 27, 2004

Sierra Club Report Card Gives Fox River Creeks High Marks, But Rapid Development Poses Tough Tests 


July 2, 2004

Court Affirms Off-Road Vehicle Injunction and "National Area" Protections In Shawnee National Forest


June 9, 2004

Sierra Club Study Finds Clean McHenry County Streams in the Path of Development


May 6, 2004

Indeck Coal Plant Suffers Significant Defeat
State Remands Permit to Protect Wildlife


April 29, 2004

Chicago Power Plants Refuse to Release Data on Pollution History


April 14, 2004

Mississippi River "Most Endangered" - Long Running Crisis to Reach Crucial Juncture in 2004


March 22, 2004

Groups Join to Fight Largest Threat to Region's Air Quality: Dirty Coal Plant Near St. Louis


March 17, 2004

Primary Election A Clean Sweep for Illinois' Environment

December 2003

Statement on the Death of Paul Simon


November 24, 2003

Illinois Public Lands Spared from Dirt-Bike Devastation


November 17, 2003

Public Health, Environmental and Consumer Group to Files Legal Action to Stop Dirty Coal Power Plant


October 10, 2003:

Blagojevich Administration Approves Dirty Coal Plant
Chicago's Unhealthy Air To Get Worse


October 10, 2003:

Power Plant Threatens Midewin Prairie
Federal Agency Orders Stop To Permitting While Fate of Endangered Species Are Considered


September 30, 2003:

Sierra Club Welcomes Long-Delayed Cleanup Plans For DuPage County Streams, But Proposals Need Work


August 19, 2003:

Governor Blagojevich Vetoes Dangerous Dirt-Bike Legislation


July 2003:

In June a team of Sierra Club members traveled to Washington DC to meet with and lobby our 2 Senators and all 19 Representatives. See the photos and story.


July 21, 2003

20-year old E. St. Louis toxic waste incinerator asking for permit renewal despite history of explosions, toxic cloud emissions and worker injuries.


May 22, 2003:

A giant, coal-fired power plant proposed in Will County will dump 9,600 tons of new air pollution into the Greater Chicago region, an area that already violates federal air quality standards


May 6, 2003:

Hundreds of thousands of isolated wetlands across the nation are no longer protected for migratory birds in the wake of the Supreme Court's January 2001 ruling. This Sierra Club report maps over 260 wetlands in northeast Illinois now at risk of destruction by eager developers.


March 10, 2003:

With 272 of the state's largest pollution sources lacking permits Sierra Club and five other groups file legal petition calling on US EPA to intervene to fix Illinois' permit program.


November 6, 2002:

Environment A Big Winner in Illinois Elections
Voters Reward Pro-environment Republicans and Democrats.


October 17, 2002:

Sierra Club Report Links Campaign Contributions, Dirty Water Votes 
"Campaign Cash vs. Clean Water"


October 10, 2002:

New Illinois Polluted Waters List Names 414 Rivers, Lakes, and Streams Statewide


September 18, 2002:

Fox River At Risk: Water Testing Data Shows Major Problems in River


July 25, 2002:

Sierra Club Calls For Better Testing To Protect Lake Swimmers


June 27, 2002:

New Illinois River Pollution Study Released


April 18, 2002:

Sierra Club Calls on Illinois EPA to Make Illinois' Waters Safe Again


March 20, 2002:

Forest Preserves A Winning Issue For Cook County Voters


February 05, 2002:

Legislature approves new stream protection rules


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