The Kishwaukee Solduc Group



Craig Gilbertson

Phone: 815-748-1192


Kishwaukee Solduc Group of the Sierra Club

P.O. Box 582

DeKalb, IL 60115


Meeting Information:

Third Thursday at 7 PM of each month except for June, July and August



DeKalb, IL

Northern Illinois University

Room 187, College of Law, Swen Parson Hall


Activities past and present:

  • Actively involved in giving input on the DeKalb County Comprehensive Plan

  • Testified before the DeKalb city council and the DeKalb County Board on land-use proposals.

  • Conducting an ongoing Water Sentinels program doing water sampling and water quality testing on the Kishwaukee River and other local streams

  • Supported a successful initiative to pass a referendum establishing a property tax increment earmarked for land acquisitions for the DeKalb County Forest Preeserve District.