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Dirty Coal-fired Power Plant Threatens to Bring More Pollution to Northeastern Illinois

The Dirty Facts

  • Dirty coal plants already cause 21,500 asthma attacks.
  • Taxpayers will pay $50 million for this dirty coal plant. T
  • he Indeck plant would degrade the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, the Lincoln National Veterans Cemetery and destroy wetlands.
  • Illinois has a surplus of electricity.
  • Indeck's coal plant is bad for our economy and bad for our business.
  • Other states are doing better, so can Illinois!

Take action today: Say NO to Indeck and YES to Clean Air

Every resident of Illinois deserves clean, safe air. Unfortunately, Indeck Energy Corporation plans to build a giant coal-fired power plant in Elwood. The proposed power plant threatens our clean air, the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie and the Lincoln National Veterans Cemetery.

Say Yes to Clean Air!

Stop Indeck from being allowed to add 9,000 tons of new air pollution. Chicago area residents are already breathing polluted air that violates federal health standards. A significant part of this pollution comes from existing coal plants in and around Chicago. As the Chicago Tribune recently reported, with over 500,000 asthmatics and a skyrocketing asthma death rate, the Chicago area is the Nation's asthma capital.

The proposed Indeck and Peabody power plants would emit more dangerous mercury pollution than existing power plants in other states. Mercury is a neurotoxin that causes brain damage, particularly in young children. Mercury pollution has poisoned every lake, river, and stream in Illinois. Peabody would add 270 pounds of additional mercury to Illinois' lakes, rivers and streams annually. Indeck would add more than 100 pounds of mercury every year.

Defend Your Parks and Wetlands

In addition to air pollution threats, Indeck wants permission to build a coal storage facility in an area intended to serve as a buffer between Midewin and Deer Run Industrial Park. Construction would require paving over a vital area that includes wetlands and supplies groundwater recharge for Midewin's Drummond Dolomite Prairie, a rare and fragile grassland. To transmit electricity, Indeck proposes to run new, larger power lines through Midewin.

Make Your Voice Heard

Stop Indeck and defend your clean air and Midewin prairie. Let's send the state a loud and clear message that Indeck's dirty coal plant should be rejected. Sign up for regular updates.


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