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Click on B&W image for full size artist's sketch of Pomona Bridge printed in 1877.
Pomona Natural Bridge is located in Jackson County near the village of Pomona. See Township map and driving instructions.

The bridge is 25 feet above a trickling stream. It spans 90 feet and is 6 to 9 feet wide and about 8 feet thick.

It's a perfect hiking and picnic location. 

The dirt trail to the bridge is a short, 1/3 mile loop through a mature oak-hickory and beech forest. As the trail descends to the creek you will come upon an overlook revealing the bridge from above.

This natural bridge is made of sandstone, a fairly soft and erodible bedrock. The arch was made by water erosion. 

The site was a popular tourist spot even in 1877 when the unknown artist's sketch above was drawn.

Access is available from Pomona on Highway 127; go west 3 miles.  
From Alto Pass, go north 4 miles to Pomona Road; go west 3 miles.
Follow the signs.

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