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Browse the Shawnee Group Outings
and outings of other Illinois groups.

Surrounding State Chapter Outings:





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Be sure to check-out the Adventures with Uncle Bob Section
for self-guided adventures to outing sites in the Midwest.

Requirements for Participation in Sierra Club Sponsored Outings:

In order to participate in Sierra Club's outings, each participant will need to sign a liability waiver. 
If you would like to read a copy of the waiver prior to the outing, please see http://www.sierraclub.org/outings/chapter/forms/

In the interests of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make carpooling arrangements.  The Sierra Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them.  Carpooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the participants.  Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.

The Outing leader has absolute authority to question trip participants as to their equipment, conditioning and experience before and during the trip and to prohibit participation in any Sierra Club outing. Note also that:

. Going on an outing soon? Don't forget the "Ten Essentials."

. Keeping a Nature Journal?  http://www.sierraclub.org/education/nature_journal.asp  This web page, written by Dr. Bonnie Gisel, Curator of the Sierra Club's LeConte Memorial Lodge, encourages people to follow in John Muir's footsteps by keeping a nature journal that helps better attune the author to their environment. It features a PDF downloadable nature journal template that can be used by anyone to create an attractive nature journal.