"Coal Country" Carbondale Premier November 17th.

Be among the first in Carbondale to see the powerful new film “Coal Country” that exposes the devastation to the environment, families and communities caused by mountaintop removal coal mining. Following the presentation of the film you will get an opportunity to lend you voice to the growing movement to put a stop to this destructive practice.

Carbondale Township Hall
217 E. Main Street
November 19, 2009
7:00 PM

Refreshments provided.

See the flyer HERE.

Newsletter of the Shawnee Group

***The Winter 09 news letter is up***

The Shawnee Group publishes a newsletter, Shawnee Trails,  It is available in both an electronically distributed format (Adobe Reader .PDF) and a "dead tree" (paper) version. 

Most news in the print version is a compilation of posts and commentary from out local blog.

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All back issues of Shawnee Trails are available online, unless stated otherwise indicated, in Adobe Acrobat format. In addition to being available from this site, back issues may be downloaded from the national Sierra Club website: http://lists.sierraclub.org/archives/il-shawnee-trails.html. One caveat about all older back issues: as time passes, the hyperlinks to many web resources may no longer exist, especially those on external websites.

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