Welcome to the Shawnee Group's photographic image gallery.

The gallery contains photographic images of Southern Illinois landscape, people, and events. Many of the images were taken by Sierra Club members who reside in the area and have provided their images for display on the web site.

Shawnee Group License Agreement:

Most images are covered under the license agreement provided under this web site's Terms and Conditions of Use (see the link at the bottom of every page).

In general, the images contained in this section are governed by these key restrictions:

You may copy, reproduce and distribute content from this section provided that these criteria are met:

  1. The particular image or media is reproduced in its entirety in its original form; you may not edit or otherwise change the substance of the content, or change or delete any copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices
  2. All copies include a statement that the material was reproduced from illinois.sierraclub.org/shawnee with permission of the Sierra Club.
  3. All copies include the copyright notice provided with the image on the following pages.
  4. The copies are distributed only for the non-commercial educational or public policy purposes of promoting conservation of the natural environment
  5. The copies are distributed at no charge, or at most, at actual cost. Provided you comply with all of these conditions, the Sierra Club grants you a non- exclusive, nontransferable license to use the materials on our site.

Images Containing People:

Images containing people may not be reproduced or otherwise distributed outside of editorial uses unless otherwise indicated on the image's information page.  Certain restrictions apply under law for the use of images with people visible, where model releases must be secured before the image can be used for a commercial purpose. Thus, only editorial use of images containing people is permitted.

Other Licenses:

Some images or media in this section may be governed by other licenses, either more or less restrictive. If this is the case, that license information will be provided with the image on the following pages. 

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