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Sierra Club Campaigns

bulletClean Air

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Shawnee Group Campaigns

bulletSupport Ecologically Sound Official Trails
bulletAdopt-a-trailhead Project
bulletSugar Creek Watershed Destruction
bulletShawnee National Forest Protection: Our Vision
bulletProtection of Roadless and Natural Areas
bulletWilderness Designation in Southern Illinois: Wilderness Myths Debunked

Current Alert Letter Sample: Endangered Species Act Threatened

Previous Issue Alerts (all PDF formatted)

bulletSeptember '04 ~ Endangered Species Act Threatened
bulletJanuary '04 ~ Illinois Wetlands Protection Act
bulletDecember '03 ~ House Energy Bill and NEPA
bulletNovember '03 ~ House Energy Bill and NEPA again
bulletOctober '03 ~ Sugar Creek and IEPA
bulletSeptember '03 ~ ATV Bills: 1804 & 1521
bulletJune '03 ~ New Illinois Wilderness
bulletMay '03 ~ Regulating Pollution discharge and cleanup
bulletApril '03 ~ ATV Bills: 1804 & 1521 again
bulletMarch '03 ~ Public Comment Restrictions; Iraqi Resolution
bulletJanuary '03 ~ Shawnee National Forest Management Plan
bulletFOIA Guide ~ A guide to the Freedom of Information Act


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