Bob Tyson, former Outings Chair for the Sierra Club, has compiled a list of beautiful, scenic trails which are basically level and easy to walk. Open the .PDF files below for more information. We have printed a limited number of trail guides and distributed them to select locations in southern Illinois.

Easy Trails for Seniors Cover
Easy Trails for Seniors

Shawnee Group Outings

Upcoming Wilderness Act Celebration Outings in Illinois

Plans are already underway for Wilderness Act Celebration outings that will explore Wilderness Areas in the state. Registration is required for all outings. Camping is not officially part of the outings, but Sierrans will be camping at nearby campgrounds. For additional information contact Carol Klinger

08/09/14 Lusk Creek

Lusk Creek Wilderness is named for the beautiful, clear blue creek that runs through it year-round and is known for numerous hairpin turns carved through sheer rock walls rising at points 100 feet above the creek. Intersected by many beautiful tributary creeks, Lusk Creek ranks as one of the state's highest quality streams and is eligible for designation as a Wild and Scenic River.

09/27/14 Crab Orchard and Panther's Den

Sheltered overhangs beneath the bluffs provide habitat for the endangered French's shooting star. Muskrats, deer, and beavers are common sights. Mink and bobcats have been seen here too.

10/25/14 Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods Wilderness Area contains rock formations, canyons, bluffs and ridges carved by millions of years of wind and water. Breathtaking views of the rolling forest below can be admired from the massive sandstone formations along the ridge tops.

Sierra Club will be leading hikes in all eight wilderness areas this year, encompassed in six hikes. In March, we hiked in Burden Falls and Bay Creek Wilderness Areas. In the Fall, three hikes are planned for the remaining four wilderness areas.
For Further Shawnee Group Outings, Check back here for announcements from our new Shawnee Group Outings Leader, Christine Crites


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See www.sierraclub.org/emg/outings and missouri.sierraclub.org/emg/outings for more outings.