One hundred years ago, the Sierra Club was formed and worked to preserve Yosemite for generations to come. Since then we've helped protect millions of acres of wilderness, thousands of miles of wild and scenic rivers, and many areas of critical ecological importance. These environmental gains have resulted through the financial support and efforts of the Sierra Club's many members.

The Sierra Club's track record and diverse following has made the Club the largest grassroots environmental organization in the United States. The Sierra Club works to protect the environment at all levels - federal, state, and local - and encourages the exploration, enjoyment, and protection of the natural areas of the Earth.

Membership benefits include: helping to protect wilderness and natural areas; a one-year (lifetime for Life memberships) subscription to our bi-monthly, national Sierra magazine and the quarterly, chapter Lake & Prairie newsletter with the River Prairie Group’s DuPage Sierran inside (along with those from other IL Groups); membership at the National, Chapter (Illinois), and Group levels; voting privileges in Sierra Club elections; trip fee reductions on many River Prairie Group outings; and access to members-only national and international wilderness trips, hikes, and other activities.

To join the Sierra Club, please select one of the membership options below and get a free thank you gift (if you wish) and the RPG will get credit. Or you can join on some of our outings (ask the leader) or at a general meeting where we offer similar thank you gift options. Contact Joe Pokorny at for more information.

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