Dear Bluestem Volunteers:


Tell our Senators to support Renewable Energy Tax Credits extension and oppose the "Gang of Ten” Energy “Reform” Act


The Senate is poised to take up a number of energy proposals this week. The first one extends tax credits for renewable energy, like wind and solar, that are set to expire at the end of this year which we support.

One of the other measures they will vote on is the New Energy Reform Act, also known as the "Gang of Ten" proposal which we oppose. Pro-drilling members of the Senate tout this bill as a bipartisan compromise, but in effect it is more of the same giveaways to Big Oil and King Coal that got us into our current energy and climate predicament in the first place. This time they wrapped them in a thin blanket of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Tell your Senators to support renewable energy tax credits and to oppose the "Gang of Ten" New Energy “Reform” Act!

Please call Senator Durbin at 202-224-2152

Please call Senator Obama at 202-224-2854.

Among other things, the “Gang of Ten” new Energy Reform Act would open more of our coasts to harmful offshore drilling, facilitate the development of liquid coal fuels, which cause global warming, and give billions of dollars in new subsidies to the nuclear industry. The “Gang of Ten” Energy “Reform” Act relies on fossil fuel development that will only further our addiction to oil and coal.
Instead, we need a clean energy future that is based on significantly increasing the amount of energy we get from renewables, increasing the efficiency of our homes and office buildings, and making our cars and trucks go further on a gallon of gas.
America must make this transition to a clean energy economy without further lining the pockets of Big Oil and King Coal.

Tell your Senators to support the tax extenders package for clean wind and solar energy and to oppose the “Gang of Ten” New Energy Reform Act today.

Thank you for all you do.


Linda Sullivan and Julia Nephew
Bluestem coordinators