Bluestem Action Alert

March 7, 2007


Ask your Illinois State Senator to support

SB 1184:

The Affordable and Clean Energy Standards Act (ACES)


The only way to ultimately get our energy bills down is to use the laws of supply and demand.The General Assembly may reauthorize a rate freeze, but ultimately, the rates will spring back up. The long term answer to the high cost of electricity and natural gas is to get rates down by decreasing the demand for energy and increasing the supply.


The Affordable and Clean Energy Standards Act (SB 1184) does that, while also dramatically reducing air pollution and carbon emissions.


Part one of the bill mandates that the utility companies promote energy efficiency on the consumer end.The Utilities must come up with their own plan which will be approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission. Their efforts must result in a decrease in use of fossil fuels.


Consumers who take advantage of the utility company offers (which could include promotions for compact fluorescent light bulbs, insulation, etc.) will see an immediate drop in their utility bills.All consumers will benefit as a decrease in demand for energy reduces the price.


Part two is the renewable energy portfolio. This will reduce rates in the long run because it will add to the energy supply.It will also stabilize rates by giving us alternatives to the volatile price of fossil fuels. Utilities renewable energy portfolios must rise to 25 percent by 2025.


Part three is adopting the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code as the statewide residential building code.Consumers who buy energy efficient houses will immediately and dramatically benefit from energy savings and all consumers will benefit as reduced demand brings energy prices down.


In this year of rate increases, the message that sells is that this bill is a long term answer to the high cost of energy.However, as environmentalists, we know that this bill will also dramatically reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.The public health benefits will be immediate and the planetary benefits will last for generations.


This is a state bill. You can call your Illinois state senator in Springfield at 217-782-2000.Ask for him/her by name.You can find out who your Illinois senator is as well as access his/her email and local phone number at


Be sure to leave your name and address so they know you are a constituent.


More information is on the Illinois Sierra Club Website at on legislation in the green band at the left.


Thanks for making the call.We canít win without you.


Linda Sullivan