Support Natural Gas Efficiency Portfolio Standard


Please call your Illinois state representative and tell ask him/her to cosponsor HB 4321, the Natural Gas Portfolio Standard.  If you live in Bob Biggins’ district please call him and thank him for cosponsoring (Very important since the natural gas utilities are calling him every day complaining that he is supporting the bill).


Bill name: Natural Gas Efficiency Portfolio Standard

Our ask: cosponsor

State or federal? state

Whom to call: State Representatives

Where to call: local office – The General Assembly is in recess until April 21; Springfield April 21 and after

Numbers: Your representative’s local contact information can be accessed on . Click on his or her name under “House,”  “members.”

Springfield switchboard: 217-782-2000.



What the bill does:

HB 4321 works on the premise that it is much more efficient not to waste energy than it is to build more power plants.  It requires Illinois natural gas utilities to meet a growing percentage of natural gas demand through efficiency programs. The utilities themselves create programs that educate residential, industrial and commercial consumers on cost-effective ways to use less natural gas.  The utilities create small incentives for consumers to implement these measures.  For instance, incentives may be created to insulate the home, install programmable thermostats and buy efficient furnaces.


Why we favor the bill:

  • HB 4321 will lower fossil fuel burning and reduce the pressure on climate catastrophe.
  • It will save consumers money as their gas utility bills go down. 
  • Energy efficiency is the single most cost effective way to meet Illinois’ growing energy demand.  It is coal-fired plants that don’t have to be built; it is much more efficient not to waste energy than it is even to build solar plants!


This bill is in the Illinois House or Representatives.  Please call your state representative and ask him or her to become a cosponsor of this bill. If we all speak out, this bill will pass!


The lone legislator in DuPage who has cosponsored this bill is Bob Biggins.  Please call him and thank him for his courage.



If you have questions, please email me, Linda Sullivan at


Thank you for all you do.


Linda Sullivan and Julia Nephew

Bluestem Action Alert Network Chairs


April, 2009