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e - P R A I R I E   F L Y E R     Nov/Dec 1999
Newsletter of the Sierra Club Prairie Group

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Wed Nov 10 - Annual Fund-Raising Auction!

Buy Sierra Club Calendars from the Prairie Group

Wed Dec 8 - How Our Food is Produced, and Why it Matters

Watch for Medical Waste Incinerator Permit Hearing

1999 Sierra Club Sprawl Report
Watch for City of Champaign Growth Recommendations
Pave the Champaign-Mahomet Route 150 corridor?!

Industrial Livestock Update
   Public comments to EPA are due Nov. 24
   Sierra Club national hog-lot report released Sept. 15
   Watch for IL Supreme Court hog-lot ruling

Letters Needed by Nov. 30 to Protect So. Illinois' Shawnee Forest

Executive Committee (ExComm) Election

Green Radio
Stay in Touch With the Prairie Group Listserv


Prairie Group Annual Fund-Raising Auction
7:30 PM, Wednesday, November 10

Illinois Disciples Foundation, corner of Wright and
Springfield, Champaign

Auctioneer Don Denny will lead the bidding on lots of great
deals...donations from area businesses and get
at a discount, and the auction proceeds help support the Prairie Group.

Please help make this event a big success by:
(1) telling others about the auction (and/or forwarding this e-mail),
(2) making a donation to the auction (baked goods welcomed),
(3) attending the auction,
(4) buying a calendar (see below), and
(5) please thank the many auction donors listed here the next time you
these businesses or see these people around town.

Below are some of the items and services that will be auctioned -- many
would make  great holiday gifts.

Champaign Surplus - (2) Mountain Smith Lumbar Packs!

Saxophone Lesson with Debra Richtmeyer
(Please spread word of this to every saxophone player you know!)

Combine Ride! with Allen Williams

Sinfonia da Camera!
(3) lots of 2 tickets for one of their Spring concerts
(You choose from 3 dates - for more info: 217-356-5052 x13)

Antique Clock Repair by Bruce Hannon
(a clock that one person can carry - no Big Ben's)

Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture
a bag of fresh locally-grown organic produce once-a-week during growing
season next year

(2) Tickets for any 1999-2000 season performance
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
(events already sold-out not included)

Book: Bounded People, Boundless Lands
signed by author Eric Freyfogle

Book: For the Health of the Land
Previously unpublished essays and other writings by Aldo Leopold
signed by co-editor Eric Freyfogle

Tour of Allerton Park with Allerton Director Jerry Soesbe

Fruited Plain Cooperative Society - $30 Membership

Champaign Cycle - Gift certificate

Heel to Toe - Gift certificate

A Night With The Stars
Observatory and night sky tour with astronomer John Dickel

C-U Mass Transit District - (10) $5 packets of bus tokens

Guided hike of Middle Fork area with Gary and Dixie Jackson

Custom cheesecake! by Sandy Volk

Prairie Plants from Dave Monk & Heartland Pathways

Illinois landscape print and calendars by Jason Lindsey

San Diego Bed & Breakfast at Jack & Sally Paxton's
(transportation not included)

Canoe Trip on the Middle Fork led by Clark Bullard

Common Ground Food Coop - Gift Certificates

Courier Cafe - (2) Breakfast Certificates

Silvercreek - (2) Brunch Certificates

Wild Country - Jansport Backpack

CDs from Record Service (Toshi Reagon, 2 Skinnee J's, Macha)

Priceless Books - Gift certificates

The Great Impasta - Gift Certificate

Pomatto Carpentry & Landscape Lighting 217-359-8628
Bird feeders


Sierra Club Calendars

The Prairie Group is selling a variety of Sierra Club calendars, which
include spectacular photos of wildlife and wild habitats.

But don't buy these calendars online!

To purchase a calendar, contact Trent Shepard
217-344-2822, or Kate Higgs <>, 217-359-9207.

These make great gifts, a big part of the proceeds support the Prairie
Group, and as Jeff Mikulina noted last year, they're Y2K compliant.

(Calendars will also be available for purchase at the Nov. 10 auction.)

(If you'd like to sell candars for the Prairie Group, contact Kate
before Nov. 15.)


Prairie Group December Meeting:

How Our Food is Produced, and Why it Matters
7:30 PM, Wednesday, December 8

Illinois Disciples Foundation, corner of Wright and
Springfield, Champaign

DeAnna Belz, Prairie Group alternate delegate to Illinois Conservation

More than any  other single industry, farming and food production has
potential for  tremendous positive or negative impacts on our
our economy, and  public health.  The loss of independent farmers and
increasing  control by a handful of multinational corporations leaves
consumers with few choices beyond purchasing food off grocery store
-- regardless  of how it was produced or who profited from its

On September 18, DeAnna Belz attended the conference "From  Farm to
Fork:  Reclaiming Our Food System from Corporate Giants," organized by
Clean Water Action Alliance in conjunction with the Institute of
and Trade  Policy, the Izaak Walton League, and the MN Farmers Union.
will discuss the ramifications of our food choices and explain how
can purchase  sustainable meat and produce.

Also see:

WILL Radio AM 580 - Urbana, IL - webcasting archive

Univ. of Missouri agricultural economist John Ikerd feels a revolution
needed to halt the trend toward larger, more corporate-owned
He believes the issue is not only one of farmers' economic survival -
one of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.  Even
American consumers do not appear to be too upset about this trend..
(Originally aired October 28-29, 1999)

Recent Papers by John Ikerd


Watch for Medical Waste Incinerator Permit Hearing

A developer has submitted a permit application to the Vermilion County
for a new medical waste incinerator northwest of Danville (2 miles west
the town Rankin, on the Ford County line).

In December or January, the Vermilion County Board will hold a permit
hearing in Danville.

Incineration is the worst option for management of medical waste.
state-of-the-art incinerators which produce cleaner air, in turn
ash that is more toxic, with higher concentrations of dioxin and
The ash must still be disposed of, typically in landfills."*

The best option is waste stream reduction, and the American Hospital
Association has set an overall goal of achieving a fifty percent (50%)
reduction by 2010. For the remaining infectious waste, alternatives to
incineration such as autoclaving and other technologies are currently
available and cost-competitive.

For more information, contact Citizens for the Protection of Butler
Township, 217-397-2369 or 397-2512.

Related links:

*Physician consensus statement on medical waste incineration
Physicians for Social Responsibility

The Sustainable Hospitals Project

Pollution Prevention Memorandum of Understanding, U.S. EPA and American
Hospital Association

Healthcare Without Harm

EPA Region 5 Medical Waste Incineration homepage


1999 Sierra Club Sprawl Report

This report is designed to recognize and rank the programs adopted by
governments to manage growth, and to showcase and promote effective
smart-growth solutions. All 50 states are rated in four categories:
space protection, land use planning, transportation planning and

Sierra Club Sprawl homepage

Sierra Club Info Center 415-977-5653


Watch for City of Champaign Growth Recommendations

Last December the city of Champaign formed a Growth Areas Task Force,
they may finalize their recommendations to the city council in early

Don Fournier is the Sierra Club Prairie Group representative on the
force (see his article in the March Prairie Flyer

For the task force recommendations, and for dates of public meetings,

Christine Newbold, City of Champaign Planning Department, 217-351-4486

Don Fournier <>, 217-373-7282.


Pave farmland throughout the Champaign-Mahomet Route 150 corridor?!

Planning for the Route 150 Corridor is in the final phase.  The Route
Committee met October 28 to schedule and outline completion of their
which will then be sent to the Champaign County Board, Champaign City
Council and Mahomet Village Board.

The remaining two meetings of the Route 150 Committee -- and then the
following meetings and votes by each of the three governing bodies --
important opportunities for public participation in deciding land use
priorities in the corridor area for the next 50 years!

7:00 PM, Thursday, 9 December
Champaign City Bldg., 102 N. Neil Street, Champaign

7:00 PM, Thursday, 27 January
Mahomet Administrative Building, 503 E. Main Street, Mahomet

The current Route 150 Committee plan will turn farmland along Route 150
paved lots for light industry and office buildings, and includes the
possibility of adding a new interchange on I-74 to facilitate more
access to the corridor.

For more info: Norman Stenzel <>, 217-863-4030.

For a copy of the Route 150 Plan: Gale Price, City of Champaign
Dept., 217-351-4486.


Industrial Livestock Update


Public comments to EPA for concentrated animal feeding operations are
Nov. 24

The patchwork of current state laws lag far behind the dramatic shift
concentrated livestock operations with thousands of animals at one
and federal standards are urgently needed.

Address all comments to: Gregory Beatty, US EPA, 401 M Street, SW, Mail
4203,  Washington, DC 20460. Submit electronic comments to:

For more info:
Clean Water Network 202-289-2392


Sierra Club national hog-lot report released Sept. 15

"Corporate hogs at the public trough: How your tax dollars help bring
polluters into your neighborhood" reveals the enormous taxpayer
benefiting concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), and the
citizens pay in return - polluted air and water, a major public health
hazard, and the loss of family farms.

For a copy of the report:
Sierra Club Info Center 415-977-5653


Watch for IL Supreme Court hog-lot ruling

Sept. 28 the Illinois Supreme Court heard the Knox County appeal
the agricultural exemption from local zoning claimed by industrial
operations. An opinion may be issued sometime in the next few months.

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Letters Needed by Nov. 30 to Protect Southern Illinois' Shawnee Forest

By Barbara McKasson, Shawnee Group Conservation Chair

The Forest Service is just starting the process for the required
revision of
the Shawnee National Forest's Land and Resource Management Plan. The
Amended Forest Plan is the starting point for revision.

At the Oct. 19 initial hearing, all the recreation groups were there
a piece of the Forest, including ATVers, horse riders, mountain bikers,
motorcyclists, jeep drivers, and hunters.

Address your letters to: USDA Forest Service, Shawnee National Forest,
Highway 145 South, Harrisburg, IL 62946. Also, if you want to get
updates on
the forest plan sent directly to you, request that they put you on the
"forest plan revision mailing list."

Below are some suggestions for points to make in your letter:
- Protect high quality streams, especially those such as Lusk Creek,
Creek, Big Creek and Grand Pierre Creek.
- End all timber sales and do not allow any further leasing of mineral
rights for oil and gas drilling or mining.
- The USFS should put more law enforcement officers in Shawnee Forest.
rules and regulations must be enforced.  A few years ago there were
officers, now there are only two.
-  Prohibit all motorized vehicle usage.  There is already ample
that usage of 4-wheelers, jeeps, motorcycles, etc. cause extensive
- Provide for seasonal closure of erosion prone trails - do not allow
horseback riding during those times when the ground is soft and wet.

For more info: Barbara McKasson <>, (618) 529-4824, or
Cook at (618) 529-4824.

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Executive Committee (ExComm) Election

The Prairie Group ExComm plans local Sierra Club meetings, this
outings, and organizing for environmental issues in east-central
There are five openings; please vote for up to five candidates and
this ballot to the Prairie Group, c/o Jim Beauchamp
<>. Ballots must be received by December 4,

[  ] Chad Carpenter (veteran of Prairie Group outings)
[  ] Kate Higgs (current Treasurer)
[  ] Matt Nowlan (another outings veteran)
[  ] Mark Pomatto (veteran of rails-to-trails work)
[  ] Ted Tourlentes (current Chair)

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Green Radio

NPR's Living On Earth can be heard at 5 PM each Saturday on WILL-AM

The Prairie Monk can be heard at 11:00 AM each Sunday on WEFT-FM 90.1.

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Stay in Touch With the Prairie Group Listserv

To receive legislative and local notices/alerts, subscribe
to the new listserv by sending a message to:

Include this one-line command in the message body:
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