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The Executive Committee of the Prairie Group plans to meet every two months, with possible irregular meetings, on or about the second Tuesday. It is usually in Urbana at the house of some Excom member. These are public meetings and the agenda, time, and place are sent to the Excom members and a few others who have shown interest by email a few days before. Others who want to attend should contact an Excom member. This publication of the minutes will be spasmodic in its appearance.


January 19, 2014

November 10, 2013
September 15, 2013
July 28, 2013
June 9, 2013
March 31, 2013
January 20, 2013


(From minutes taken by Dick Bishop.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting 1 PM, January 19, 2014
At Don Davis' house.

Present: Don Davis, Stacy James, Alice Englebretsen, Rachel Vellenga, Stuart Levy, Dick Bishop

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Conservation
  3. 2014 Political Endorsements
  4. Treasurer's Report
    We made a profit of $2,187 on calendars, have $6,304.64 balance.
  5. ExCom officer selection and committee assignments
    current officers retained, some committee asignments changed
  6. Chapter survey
    Stacy filled it out.
  7. Next Meeting Date (Mar 9 or 16 at 1pm)
ExCom, I had originally proposed Mar 9 as our next meeting date, but that's Katie's birthday
so I thought we should postpone until the following weekend. So let's meet Mar 16 at 1pm.
If anyone with adequate room wants to host, please let me know. And if anyone can't make the 16th, let me know ASAP.
Thanks, sj


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(From minutes taken by Dick Bishop.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting 1 PM, November 10, 2013

Present: Alice Englebretsen, Stacy James, Katie Mimnaugh, Stuart Levy, Don Davis, Rachel Vellenga, Dick Bishop; Guest: Brian Sproul

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Conservation
  3. Newsletter
  4. Excom Elections
  5. 2014 Political Endorsements
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. Other Business
  8. Next Meeting Date (Jan 12 or 19 at 1pm).

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(From minutes taken by Dick Bishop.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group, Executive Committee Meeting, 1 PM, September 15, 2013
Present: Stacy James, Alice Englebretsen, Don Davis, Rachel Vellenga, Dick Bishop

1. Upcoming Events
     A. Water panel (Sep 26, 6:30-8:30 pm, Champaign Library Robeson A)
          i. Refreshments: Rachel
          ii. SC banner and handouts Don
     B. TACO tabling (Sep 26, 1-5pm, UIUC ARC) Carol 1-3, Don 2:30-4:30
     C. Perkins Road Park workday (Sep 28, 1-3pm)
          i. Get checks from Alice
     D. Date for annual picture slideshow
          i. Dec 10

2. Conservation Reports
     A. Bulldog Mine: IEPA approval pending
     B. Clinton Landfill: nothing new
     C. Urbana Sustainability Commission - Rachel
          i. Report sent to Mayor

3. SC Elections
     A. Status of voting electronically: we did it mostly last year
     B. Can we meet Hensley Sep 22 deadline? No; maybe some statement can be submitted
     C. What's the deal with Dec 14 postmark deadline? We have to work within our own schedule
     D. Who wants to run: There are three terms ending, Stacy, Alice, Dick;
          Stacy and Alice will run again, Dick will not.
     E. Nomination committee: Don, Rachel, and one other not from the Excom; maybe Jim.

4. Treasurer's Report
     A. Balance $4,342.37 in money market account
     B. Major expenses (at least $100) since last meeting on 28 July:
          5 Aug Jefferson Middle School $200 for wind turbine
     C. Sprog refund? Maybe Katie has it.

5. Other business
     A. Political Committee report
          i. Alice has been appointed to the Chapter Political Committee
          ii. The coming primary election on March 18 has several races which
          will probably be contested. The State legislative offices now held by
          by Frerichs and Jakobsson are open, Governor has multiple candidate
          from both parties, etc. The US House Representative has a primary
          contest for District 15 in both parties. Primary candidates should be
          screened by late December. Lisa Madigan wants the Sierra Club endorsement.

     B. Chapter ExCom report
     C. Farmers Market Sept 21 Don, Kate; Oct 19 Stuart, Don?
     D. Calendar sales. Trent Shepard is in town, presumed to be acting.

6. Next meeting date (1 pm, Nov 10 or 17)

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(From minutes taken by Dick Bishop)

Sierra Club Prairie Group, Executive Committee Meeting, 1 PM, July 28, 2013
Present: Don Davis, Stacy James, Katie Mimnaugh, Rachel Vellenga, Stuart Levy, Dick Bishop

1. Upcoming Events
Programs committee report
     A. Thursday, Aug 29. Fracking program, Chris Johnson, 6:30.
          Dinner, 5 pm, at Golden Harbor. The speaker has a book for sale. Champaign Public Library.
     B. Saturday, Aug 31. Annual picnic, 5-7 pm. Cake walk. Will try to rent the
          Chrystal Lake boat house; failing that, the North pavilion.
          Stacy moved we pay for the boat house, $150. Passed. All potluck, entree and desert, drinks on us.
     C. Thursday, Sept 26. Panel on water at Champaign Public Library, 7-9 pm

2. Conservation
     A. Perkins Road Park Restoration. Don Davis, Stacy James, & 5 others
          worked yesterday, mainly to clear out a lot of Honey suckle.
          There are two more workdays coming up on Wednesday mornings from 9-11: August 7 and August 21.
          Gloves and equipment are provided. Meet at the dog park parking lot and look for Mike with UPD.
     B. Clinton Landfill. No new developments.
     C. Bulldog Coal Mine. Katie's class has a project to study the water use.
     D. Champaign Plastic Bag Ordinance. Sierra Club members have been contacting City Council members.
     E. Urbana Sustainability Commission is asking City Council what they want it to do.

3. Newsletter
     A. Report on SPROG -- Katie
     B. Lobby recap -- Don
     C. Bulldog mine report -- Alice
     D. Chair's Corner -- Stacy
     E. Report on lunch and boating outing at Kickapoo -- Rachel
     F. Upcoming events -- Dick
     G. Channing Murray meeting, Oct 5
     H. Notice of calendar sales
     I. Alerts signup reminder, prominently placed at the top of the first page.
     J. Summary of what we spent money for, where it came from, not dues:
          SPROG support, take a child outs, planting at Perkins Rd Park. Deadline Aug 1

4. Membership
     A. Signup lists from Escobar's event and farmers' markets were entered
          into Alerts and Newsletter lists.
     B. The new member welcome letters will be sent out by Stuart. New members will be added them to those lists.
          Includes Alice's idea to remind members our newsletter is digital

5. Treasurer's Report
     As of today we have $4,753.71 in our bank account -- Alice

6. Other Business
     A. Thank you notes to politicians. Rachel made them, we all signed.
     B. SPROG-participants report by the 3 who attended will be at the next
          meeting. There was one no-show and we will try for refund.
     C. Dave Monk has been told his financial request has been denied.
          We shall not reconsider. But volunteer work would be more likely.
     D. Prairie Group goals?
     E. Dick moved to give $200 for Jefferson JHS windmill. Passed unanimously.

7. Next Meeting Date Sep 15 at 1pm, at Stacy's.

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(From the minutes taken by Dick.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting 1 PM, June 9, 2013

AGENDA Present: Alice Englebretsen, Stewart Levy, Rachel Vellenga, Stacy James, Dick Bishop; guests Carol Hays, Jim Beauchamp

Upcoming Events
Programs committee report (Carol, Katie, Stewart)
Carol: Rachel is also on it. Bulldog mine activity.
Public informational meeting at YMCA Tuesday June 18 -- Organizers: Stand Up to Coal, PRN. Send letter to ELUC committee members. Need to inform Alerts to contact County Board. Co Board meets on June 20.
Cronus Coal also wants to draw large amounts of water for a fertilizer plant in Tuscola from UC Sanitary.

Membership meeting in fall -- check with Traci Barkeley. George Rodekamp of Water Survey.

Stewart has asked Rob Kantor if he would speak to us about local geography, water ...

Lobbying Bill update
Fracking regulation bill passed.
Liability of riparian property owners.
RPS was not taken up.
Lake Mich wind turbine bill passed.


Clinton Landfill
Bulldog Coal Mine
Champaign Plastic Bag Ordinance
Deb Fienen plans to have Ordinance brought up again -- do we want a fee or a ban?
Urbana Sustainability Commission
Had meeting at Rachel's -- about 20 people to talk sustain. Finished water-management plan.
Rainbarrels, compost bins
Champaign as a Cool City
Council is discussing sustainability.
Aggregation automatically grants Cool City designation. Power smart pricing vetoes aggregations.

August newsletter ideas
Articles -- report on Sprog. Review of lobbying, legislation. (Don) Forest Glen. (Stacy)
Submit by August 1.
Format for next newsletter

Treasurer's Report
Balance $4,322.23
Major expenses: $1000 to Sprog, $500 to Park District, $286 Chapter meeting, etc. up to $213

Other Business
Farmers Market (kids activity, produce bags, SC stuff)
June: Katie; July: Don, Jim; Aug: Don, Dick; Sept: Rachel?
Stacy will do activities summary.
American Water Grant: Paper work with national snagged. Projects planned.
SPROG scholarships. 5 interested. Money sent to central office.
Dave Monk made a financial request for $500. Need more information. Does he have money for legal fees? Tabled. Don and Stewart will investigate.
Annual picnic: Rachel will plan for it in Sept
Outing at Kickapoo: in August planned by Rachel

Next Meeting Date: July 28, 1 pm, Rachel's house.

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(Minutes taken by Dick.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting
2 PM, Mar 31, 2013, at Don's house.
Present: Stacy James, Alice Englebretson, Stuart Levy, Katie Mimnaugh, Don Davis, Dick Bishop

Upcoming Events



April newsletter

Treasurer's Report
$7019.80 balance

Other Business

Next Meeting Date (Sunday, June 9, 1pm, or Tuesday, June 18 6:30pm)
Dick volunteered to host.

Adjourned 5 pm.

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Jan 20

(Minutes taken by Dick.)
Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting 1 PM, Jan 20, 2013

Present: Don Davis, Katie Mimnaugh, Carol Hays, Stuart Levy, Alice Englebretsen, Stacy James, Dick Bishop

Upcoming Events
     Katie reported on bus to Wash, DC, for Coal Campaign.
     She will send details to email list.

Carol reported on engaging PG with community.
3-page report on meeting with Stuart. 2.5 hours. Topics:

     divestment (day of action);
     Coal Campaign;
     cooperate with Faith in Place, Unions;
     book reading;
     talk by Katie's advisor;
     local water sources;
     energy resources;
     role of plastics;
     Skype talks;
     SC provides opportunity to educate on enviro,
     partnering with other organizations.
     Where does our food come from?
     Monthly meetings.
     Russ Rybicki would talk.

Recommends 3 principles:
     choose the top 3 things.
     Start in March.

Seminar Series

Mar 9 Issues briefing in Chicago. Lobbying training at Chapter Office. Carol wants to go.

Pre-elections green gathering at Seven Saints. Stacy suggest a repeat for city offices election, meet council members. Needs to reserve space, order food. Agreed. Stacy and Alice will organize it. March 25 -- . $100.

Spring hike in conjunction with signage. Stacy will meet with graphic designer to plan signs. Combine with hike. Saturday or Sunday in April or May.


Clinton Landfill -- Jan mtg and support letter.

Want attendance at public hearings.

Ask Jack Darin to draft letter, otherwise Stacy will.

Sunrise Coal Mine. Had another water meeting. Again on Jan 28 to discuss permit for treated water. Probably the village board will vote for it.

Champaign Plastic Bag Ordinance. Not apt to be an active issue. Need a shorter film than BagIt

Champaign as a Cool City. Lonnie Morris is generous in her designations -- e.g., electric aggregation counts.

Next one Apr 1. Discuss content in March.

Electronic -- Stuart's mockup or something different. Could do it in HTML.
Treasurer's Report.
$6,994.24 in bank.

Excom Elections and Committee Assignments
Don submit election results

Other Business

1 remaining calendar
Website updates
Posting events on Chapter website
Next Meeting Date
Mar 10, or 31, at Don's 1pm?

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(From the minutes taken by Dick.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting, 1:00 PM, November 4, 2012

Present: Stacy James, Carol Hays, Alice Englebretson, Stuart Levy, Dick Bishop, Don Davis; visitors: Anita Povich, Katie Mimnaugh.

A. Upcoming Events

1. Vacation slideshow logistics: at Champaign Library

Date: 18 Dec, 7 pm; Snacks: Stacy; Drinks: coffee or tea from library, cider; Computer: Dick and Stuart; SC materials: Alice; Publicity: Rachel, League of Women's Voters is making a list to advertise environmental events.

2. Service projects

a. Forest Glen Preserve: put off until Spring
b.Sangamon River Forest Preserve: Dan Olson will have an engineer see if the spot is good for steps to a canoe landing.

3. Wed, 28 Nov, McKibben, Josh Fox, Desmond Tutu at Chicago, the 350.org tour. Need info on tickets, getting bus, ...

4. Ideas for 2013

a. Carol suggests organizing for environmental activities in an urban area. Cf. McKibben, Deep Economy. Reading group?
b. Need specific proposals, speakers, workshops.
c. Earth Day forum.
d.Field trips: sewage treatment, landfills, recycling.
e. Lobby day and prelims. Carol wants to participate.

B. Conservation Reports

1. Bulldog Mine: Homer & Payrise Coal paid for water study.

2. Clinton Landfill (support Sole Source Aquifer Petition?)

Jakobsson & Rose sponsored bill, no support from Chicago. Consortium is submitting petition to US EPA. Other complaint on method of approval. Lawsuit filed against IEPA.

3. Plastic Bag Ordinance

Champaign Council needs it brought to them. Angela Adams is Champaign staff person concerned. Stuart will contact Stacy Dodds, Champaign Council member. Veto session will consider override of veto. Not sure it will come up.

4.Urbana Sustainability Commission (skip, Rachel not here)

C. Newsletter

1. Dick -- account of picnic, pictures from Katie.

2. Slide show - Stacy.

3. Excom election. Congratulate winners.

4. 350.org report.

5. Submission by Dec 1, publication Dec 5.

6. Student coal mine action on Dec 7.

7. Chair's Corner.

8. Calendar sales.

D. Executive Committee election status.

Reminder email next two weekends.

Officer election date: January meeting

Inform membership of election results in Newsletter.

E. Treasurer's Report

Balance $5,929.34

F. Other business

1. Stacy bought 6' table.

2. FoodWaterWatch letter by Hanna Saltzman concerning GMO labeling. Need more information, research reports.

3. Calendar sales

G. Next meeting date

January 20, at Katie's, 308 E Clark, Champaign.

Adjouned 3:43 pm

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Sep 2

(From the minutes taken by Dick.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting 1 PM, Sep 2, 2012

call to order 1:20
Present: Stacy James, Rachel Vellenga, Carol Hays, Stuart Levy, Dick Bishop; visitors: Katie Mimnaugh, Hanna Saltzman

Upcoming Events

Annual picnic Sep 23 Moraine View SP (12:30-3pm).
Attendance. Food/Rachel's ice cream. Information tables. Badmitten. Send notice to newsletter and alerts.

HHW Collection Event Sep 29 (Don, Carol, Dick, Stuart). Stacy will send a reminder on times.

Fall service projects (Oct 27/28?)

Need to approach Forest P Board to cooperate with Dan Olson on project to make steps to canoe launch at Sangamon FP.

Forest Glenn signage. Can get aluminum signs for $25. Carol has post driver. 4 or 5 signs. Report for FG newsletter. Include our logo.

Public outlets: Public I, other newspapers.


Clinton Landfill (HB6153 as priority?). Still want to get Decatur involved, especially SC members. Decatur Audubon plans a meeting.

Sunrise Coal Mine.
Katie: Need to have some people to monitor water quality of Salt Fork R. Meeting on campus sponsored by PRN. Stand up to Coal concentrates on education. Homer City is assessing their well capacity.

Champaign Plastic Bag Ordinance/Bill.
City Council wants input from residents where to go from here. Send alerts message. Champaign Surplus wants action. Other interested parties: Champaign Cycle. Champaign Green Business?? Coop already encourages reusables.

Urbana Sustainability Commission.
Had work session, next meeting Tuesday.

Bill updates. Endorsements.

Next one Dec 1.

Farmer's Market
Staffing remaining slots (Sep 15 – Don, Dick; Oct 20 – Stacy, Alice). Children's activity. Table items (PICNIC flyer! HHW left? Aquifer brochures? Coal brochures? Aug prairie flyer?) Dick to print some more PFs. Paper weights.

Holiday Market??
$40 max per meeting.

Other Business
Produce bags. Cotton produce bags from Carol can be marked with SC logo. Would cost $6/3 bags. Display at FM on Sep 15.

SSC Shindig.
See the flyer. Katie found it worthwhile, got an award. (Sierra Student Coalition). SPROG regional, in Detroit, Shindig national.

Nominating committee for ExCom.
Term done Jan 1 for Don, Stuart, Rachel, Carol. Try to use email. Alice and Dick plus outside person [Clark Bullard was added later.] Deadlines: Nominees by Dec 1.

Angelo Capperella:
Bloomington wants to drill new water well; there are concerns about the effect on Sugar Creek. Wants our support for enviro assessment. Check Mahomet hydrology and surface water study, State Water Survey.

Is campaigning to get GMO labeling. Agent Orange may be added. Meeting on September 19.

Next Meeting Date Nov 4.
Carol's house.

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Jul 8

(From the minutes taken by Dick.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting, 1 PM, July 8, 2012

Present: Don Davis, Rachel Vellenga, Carol Hays, Stacy James, Alice Englebretsen, Dick Bishop, Stuart Levy

Upcoming Events
Annual picnic Saturday, Sep 8, Moraine View SP, 12 noon to 5 pm. Invite Gill. May reschedule to Sunday. Potluck, we will provide grill items, buns.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event Sep 29
Dick and others of us volunteered to help. Urbana, Champaign, Savoy chosen by EPA to sponsor. At NG on Appollo Drive.

Fall service project
1. Sangamon FP needs steps to canoe launch. October? Stacy will contact Dan Olson.
2. Forest Glenn signage.
3. Local park cleanups.

Clinton Landfill (approval to send postcards?)
There was public meeting in May at Beckmann. Then Alice and Stacy met with Ann Burger and Linda Williams; want to get Decatur support. Want meeting of Sierra C members in Decatur. Matt Barble was active in Clinton Watch, was working for ADM. Maybe in August. Allow about $50 to send postcards to Decatur members. Don will print cards.

Sunrise Coal Mine
Stakeholder meetings every 2 weeks. Online petition, hard copies to distribute, by Standup to Coal. Traci Barkley. Sunrise Coal has submitted application to DNR.

Champaign Plastic Bag Ordinance/Bill
Good chance of veto. IVC petition.

Urbana Sustainability Commission
No worthwhile progress. Meet on Wed, 11 Jul.

Bill update: DNR funding may come up in veto session.
Endorsements: Considering Frerichs, Jakobsson

Articles (corn desert hikers?, NPLD events)
Moraine view, HHW. Media Group Hiking Club. Equinox house.
Deadline: To Dick by Aug 1.

Farmers' Market
July 21 -- Don in charge, Carol will help. Need more newsletters. Talk to people about conservation issues, picnic. Need flyer to hand out.
Aug 18 -- Don & Stuart
Sep 15 -- Don & Dick
Staffing remaining slots.
Children's activity. Table items.

Treasurer's Report
Balance $5,554.17

Other Business
Asking non-members to become members.

Next Meeting Date (Sep 2, 1pm) At Dick's.

Footnote: On July 11 the Chapter Political Committee recommended endorsement of Gill and Jakobsson. The Chapter Excom approved. They are waiting for us to act on Jakobsson.

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May 6

(From the minutes taken by Dick.)

Sierra Club Prairie Group Executive Committee Meeting, 2 PM, May 6, 2012

AGENDA Present: Don Davis, Stuart Levy, Carol Hays, Alice Englebretsin, Rachel Vallenga, Stacy James, Dick Bishop

Upcoming Events
Urbana Park District workday at Weaver Park (May 12, 1-3pm)

Equinox House tour (June 5, 6:30-7:30 pm)

State Park event promoting DNR
Sponsor: Mutino
Moraine View may be better to get B-N people.
Failed -- no supporters here; but wait and see. Maybe LTE.
Alice will contact Terri.

Future Events
Annual picnic (Sep 8 – Dick's or public place?)
Special event?

Public Lands Day in September

Trail maintenance at Forest Glen still a possibility.

New idea: plant shrubs at Armory Park? Herbicide with Jim (Payne?)? City engineer Brad Bennet has been contacted; City would buy shrubs for us to plant.

Americor crew? Information booth?

Clinton Landfill (petition, bill, lawsuit)

We agreed to sponsor May 17 event at Beckman Institute.

Write LTE? Will co-sponsor town hall meeting. Contact Elizabeth M?

Sunrise Coal Mine
Homer Village offers water from Salt Fork River. People from Homer at FM? Traci Barkley.
Sierra Club members in Homer? (There is one, not active.)

Municipal Electric Aggregation
Laurel Prussing strongly favors it. Champaign hesitant, bids sent.
Multiple choices -- opposed by Chapter. Usable formula?
Urbana Sustainability Commision wants max renewable, so does Sarah Gulezian (Chapter office).

Champaign Plastic Bag Ordinance
State bill which passed Senate is weak, voluntary.

Urbana Sustainability Commission
Plan forwarded to Council, stalled: Climate change action Plan.

Bills: Maintain funding for IDNR; Tenaska coal gasification plant in Taylorville.
Bill updates. May contact Chapin Rose, etc.
Alice meeting in Springfield tomorrow to interview Gill.

Endorsements. None recommended so far. For US House District 13 we shall cooperate with groups Sangamon, Palisades. The Republican candidate is yet to be appointed. He must be offered the questionnaire, opportunity to be interviewed. (Note: It turned out to be Rodney Davis, Rep. Shimkus' chief of staff.)

Next newsletter Aug 1

Farmers' Market
June 16 Dick, Alice. Krafts: Carol (8:30)
July 21 Stacy, Don
Aug 18 Don, Stuart
Staffing remaining slots: July ExCom meeting
Children’s activity
Table items

Treasurer's Report
$6,100 balance. Year end report bounced because of one error.

Other Business
Chapter ExCom meeting May 12. Mention Sunrise. Ask about Leucadia.

May 19, Garden Party at Carol's, 1-4 pm. Fund raising for Upper Sangamon Support Group.

Next Meeting Date: July 8, 1 pm. Alice's.

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March 11

(From the minutes taken by Dick.)

Excom minutes, 3 pm, March 11, 2012, at Alice's house.

Present: Dick Bishop, Alice Englebretsen, Rachel Vellenga, Stacy James, Stuart Levy
Welcome guests: Elizabeth Doellman, Katie Mimnaugh, Carol Hays

Upcoming Events
Municipal Electric Aggregation meetings (Champaign Mar 12, 7pm; Urbana Mar 13, 7pm, City Council chambers, sponsored by LWV). On this topic also: Stuart has written a LTE to the NG, to appear. Focus 580 had a program Friday, 9 Mar.
Champaign plastic bag study session (Mar 13, 7pm, city Council chambers) Speakers will be allowed 5 minutes.
Tar Creek film (Wed, Mar 14, 6pm, 180 Bevier Hall on Goodwin).
Lobbying meetings and Lobby Day will emphaize 3 bills: coal to gas project Tenaska, fracking, IDNR funding.
Political committee: US House district 13, Piasa Palisades sent questionnaires, they want to endorse Gill. Moved and passed recommendation 5-0. Meet with Jakobsson, 3pm, 12 March; Rachel and Alice.
Earth Day Event Natural Lawn Care Workshop Stacy has lined up speakers, cosponsors Jakobsson & Faith in Place, 9:30--noon, 21 April, Champaign Public Library.
Tabling at Lake of Woods Earth Day Event, behind the museum (1-5pm, Sun, Aprill 22); sponsors: Gardening Club, Champaign County Forest Preserves. Stacy will set up table, Katie & Elizabeth may come too.

Future Events
Public Lands Day in September
Work day improving access to canoeing, Mahomet village sponsor. Upper Sangamon River Conservation, September 15 or 22.
Steps at Sangamon Forest Preserve
Signage at Forest Glen; 12-mile trail lacks signs.
Equinox House tour*. Late May or June, Tuesday. June 5 or June 19, 6:30-8
Urbana Park District workday May 12, Weaver Park***

Boneyard Creek community day April 14, Bulware Park, Armory Park.
Urbana Sustainability Commission Long Range Plan, aggregation, preservation.

Target publication date April 1
Lobby day

Treasurer's Report
$6502 balance
Request Chapter funds? For signage at Forest Glenn?

Other Business
Farmers' Market on third Saturdays. Rachel will organize childrens' activities.
Host Chapter meeting 12 May, Alice & Dick
Excom vacancy soon to be filled.

Next Meeting Date
May 6, at Rachel's.


Notes giving followups

*Scheduled for June 5, 6:30--7:30 pm, RSVP to Rachel by June 1, rlvellenga@yahoo.com

**Saturday, April 14th 9-noon Boneyard Creek Community Day. The Prairie Group has unofficially adopted the parklette in front of the Armory just east of Vine St on East University Ave in Urbana. We will be picking up trash and pulling invasive, non-native garlic mustard. Please RSVP by April 7th so we have enough supplies. RSVP by April 1st with your shirt size if you would like a free Boneyard Creek Cleanup Day t-shirt. If enough people are interested afterwards we could get lunch at nearby El Toro or Siam Terrace.

***Saturday, May 12th 1pm-3pm Weaver Park Cleanup. We will help the Park District clean up Weaver Park located at the intersection of East Main Street and Smith Road in Urbana. Again everything we need will be supplied just make sure to dress for the weather. Please RSVP by May 5th.

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January 22

(From the minutes taken by Dick)

At Rachel Vellenga's house, 2 pm, January 22, 2012

Present: Dick Bishop, Don Davis, Alice Englebretsen, Stacy James, Stuart Levy, Rachel Vellenga
Welcome guest: Jim Beauchamp

Upcoming Events

Film co-sponsorship
Revenge of the Electric Car (Normal Theatre, Jan 26) Jack Darin: wants us to support this. Tabling Alice, Rachel, Don

Co-sponsor film "Tar-Creek", discussion by film director Matt Myers, March 14, at Native American House, 1206 W. Nevada, Urbana; requested by Beverly Smith, Assistant Director of NAH. Part of Second Annual Campus Ecofeminism Summit March 12th thru March 14th. Donate $200 approved.

Earth Day Event Natural Lawn Care Workshop proposed Saturday, Apr 21. Maybe contact eco-friendly lawn care companies, other contacts possible, Teresa -- from Parkland C. Stacy will coordinate.

April: Meadow Brook -- invasive species removal. Alice suggests this.

May or June: Armory workday; tour ABC or some other recycling place; steps at Sangamon Forest Preserve

Public Lands Day in September
Signage at Forest Glen.
Also possible trail work at Forest Glen -- Dick will send copy of letter (May, 2009) from Robert O'Brien to Rachel.

Fall hike. Morain View, Fox Ridge, or Middle Fork

Lobby day probably Thursday, March 29.

Picnic: Sept 8 at Dick's house

Champaign Plastic Bag Study: Angela Adams promoting ordinance -- fee or ban. Study on March 13. Respond by Feb 15.
Boneyard Creek restoration in Urbana? Combine EJ and cleanup. Community gardening people might help (Stuart). Possible grant from Chapter?

Urbana Sustainability Commission. Rachel replaced Kirstin.

Elections, appointments (last year in parentheses where different)
   Chair: Stacy
   Vice-Chair: Stewart (Dick)
   Treasurer: Alice
   Secretary: Dick (Kirstin)
   Treasurer--Assistant: Don
   Chapter Delegate: Dick. Alternate: Alice
   Computer committee: Stuart, Jim
   Conservation: Stacy
   Env Education: Don
   Membership: Jim. Co-chair: Don
   Webmaster: Jim, Dick, Stuart
   Newsletter: Dick
   Outing: Rachel
   Political: Alice, Don (Dick, Don, Alice)
   Program: Rachel (Kirstin)
   Publication rep: Trent
   Publicity: Rachel
   SSC-Student Coltn Liaison: Don
   Water Sentinel: Stacy

   Agriculture: Stacy (unoccupied)
   Contained Animal Feeding: Stacy
   Cool Cities: Stacy (Kirstin)
   Corp Acc: Don (Kirstin)
   Endangered Species/Wildlife: Jim
   Energy: Dick, Stacy (Dick)
   Environmental Justice: Stuart (Stuart, Kirstin)
   Global Warming/CAFE: Jim, Dick (Jim)
   International Trade: unoccupied (Kirstin)
   National Forests/ECL Don, Alice (Alice)
   Parks/Refuges Don, Alice (Alice)
   Sprawl: Cynthia, Stuart (Cynthia)
   State Forest/Lands: Don, Alice (Alice)
   Water Sentinel: Stacy (unoccupied)
   Wilderness/Wild Lands: Don, Alice (Kirstin)
   Others unchanged from 2011

Treasurer's Report $6,905.19 balance; more than $2000 net profit from calendars last fall.

Other Business
Dick will upload by-laws to Web site.
Farmers' Market -- Stuart will apply and send reminders to volunteers. Change to third Saturdays.

Next Meeting Date (tentatively) Sunday, March 11, 2 pm.

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