2014 – Group Officers chosen
Executive Committee Vote

Peter Gorr – Chair

Gary Salavitch – Vice Chair

Amy Kitzmiller – Secretary

Donna Hriljac – Treasurer


Barbara Hill – Executive Committee & Political Chair

Joan Fritz – Executive Committee & Conservation Chair

Karen Peterson – Webmaster

Rick Szafarz – Outings Chair

Grassroots Lobbying

The Sierra Club's members are over 1.3 million of your friends and neighbors. Inspired by nature, we work together to protect our communities and the planet. The Club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by John Muir.

No matter where you live, there's a Sierra Club chapter or group near you. There are chapters in every state. All chapters have groups, which are organized geographically around local issues.

Each chapter and group is guided by an executive committee elected by the members. Approximately 5,000 volunteers nationwide are elected or appointed to leadership positions, such as chapter chair, chapter treasurer, committee chair, and outings leader. The Club structure allows us to work on multiple levels to solve problems. Nationwide membership gives the Sierra Club clout with Congress and the White House, while local groups and chapters help us influence city council members, county commissioners, and state officials. The local groups also put pressure on their members of Congress — remember what former House Speaker Tip O'Neill said: "All politics is local." This one-two punch is a powerful combination.

The Illinois Chapter currently has approximately 25,000 members and 15 local groups. The Illinois Chapter office in Chicago is staffed by several paid staff members and the local groups are managed entirely by volunteers. For more information on the Illinois Chapter click here. The Northwest Cook County Group (NWCCG) is a local group of the Illinois Chapter. The NWCCG has approximately 2,000 members and covers the northwest suburbs of Cook County.

– Sierra Club


". . . The Sierra Club's grassroots culture is being revitalized in an effort to coordinate conservation work at all levels of the organization and to reaffirm John Muir's vision of an empowered and organized citizenry that can speak for the Earth . . ."

– from Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter











Executive Committee and
Committee Chairs - 2013

The NWCCG is guided by an executive committee elected by the members. "ExCom" volunteers are elected or appointed to leadership positions and serve 2 year terms.

Peter Gorr

Peter Gorr - ExCom
Chair, Conservation Chair
(Energy & Habitat Restoration)


Barb Hill
Barbara Hill
- ExCom

Political Chair


Amy Kitzmiller
Joan Fritz
- ExCom,
Conservation Chair


Donna Hriljac
Donna Hriljac
- Treasurer

Programs Chair


Amy Kitzmiller
Amy Kitzmiller
- ExCom

Secretary, Conservation Chair
(Cool Cities)


Karen Peterson

Karen Peterson -


Gary Salavitch

Gary Salavitch - ExCom

Vice Chair,


Rick Szafarz

Rick Szafarz - Outings Chair


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