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Cool Cities

The Park Ridge Cool Cities did a tabling event and combined with an ICO outreach program on a beautiful day in April.  We were at our local Park Ridge Earth Day celebration on April, 30 2011. One of our members secured two tables, one for Colin Tysoe and his great Inner City Outings (ICO) volunteers to entertain the children. I don't think that I saw a child at the celebration not wearing one of ICO's necklaces that they had decorated themselves. Our Park Ridge Earth Day table was next to theirs, benefiting greatly from the foot traffic brought by the kids and their parents.

As for Park Ridge Cool Cities, one of our members provided printing services and a banner, which allowed us to provide hand outs. Two of our members provided a large poster which followed the flow of pesticides from first lawn application through to its progress into water table, which attracted a lot of attention. We handed out business sized cards with our next meeting date on one side and the "Track Your Carbon Footprint" website on the other. We provided informational hand outs to the parents, covering the "dirty dozen" most polluted foods, how to try to avoid GMOs, how you can tame your lawn organically and, of course, lots of information about us. We had a lot of parents interested in healthy living for themselves and their children and in Park Ridge Cool Cities. Our only problem on what was otherwise a beautiful spring day was the gusty wind.  We spent a lot of time chasing paper and the little cards, but a great time was had by all.

– by Joan Fritz

– Photos by Colin Tysoe

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Chicago Inner City Outings, ICO, provides outdoor experiences for local disadvantaged kids.


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