North American Black Bears

There was a great turnout for our November program meeting. Over 30 people attended the program to learn more about Bears from Freelance photographer Eric Tetens. He presented information and photos, and his enthusiam and humor was well received by all.

He showed color still photographs and related many personal anecdotes about his close encounters with black bears at the Vince Shute Sanctuary near Orr, Minnesota. The sanctuary is maintained by the American Bear Association. To learn more about the sanctuary please visit their Web site is at Eric answered numerous questions during his hour-long presentation. His answer to the question of where have bears been seen in the Chicago area was "along the lakefront, in Soldier Field."

We were grateful to have Eric speak at our program meeting and we're looking forward to having him come back and talk about another one of his passions, "Wolves." Stay tuned for more information about upcoming programs.

Eric Tetens

Eric TetensN American Black BearNorth American Black Bears
With over 750,000 located in North America and inhabiting 95% of their historic range, you can spend many hours walking through a forest in northern Minnesota and never see a black bear. These large, agile and secretive creatures are often misunderstood, feared and destroyed.

Eric is a freelance photographer and for over 10 years he has captured more than 30,000 images of black bears and studied them extensively. His photo credits include: Sierra Club, ESPN and various regional and local publications. Eric has shot extensively throughout North and Central America focusing on bears and wolves. He is a member of the Riverwoods Nature Photographic Society in Chicago, the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy.

Photos of Bears by Eric Tetens

Photos of Eric Tetens by Peter Gorr


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. . his answer to the question of where have bears been seen in the Chicago area was "along the lakefront, in Soldier Field."


N American Black Bear

Black bears can be all black, brown, cinnamon, blonde, white or even a little blue-gray in the far northwest. "Black" black bears are more predominantly found east of the Mississippi, while brownish bears are found more west of the Mississippi.



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