The estimated number of plastic bags consumed around the world every 10 seconds is 240,000 and 400,000 plastic bottles are used in the U.S. every minute. Most end up in landfills and many end up in our oceans.

Refil your own metal bottles and take reusable canvas bags to every store you visit. Small changes lead to big changes.


from Chris Jordan's Running the Numbers (Click on the above picture and the zoom in on the photo.)

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FallEvery year, every season, we have a chance to adopt a new attitude

What have you done in your daily routine that makes a difference? Let us hear from you.

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Environmentally Friendly Tips for Individuals

Global Stewards

Check out this great site for Going Green Tips!

Explore many tips to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Arlington Heights Cool Cities Coalition

Idling wastes fuel and money and pollutes the air we breathe. Arlington Heights Cool Cities and the Clean Air Counts program invite you to turn off your engine when idling for more than 10 seconds.


"Idling Gets You Nowhere"

Click on the graphic below to see the flyer for more information.

Idiling Arlington Heoghts Cool Cities




Going, Going, Greener

Do you strive to reduce your impact on the environment?

Do you patronize eco-friendly businesses?

Do you bike more and drive less?

Could you replace your car with public transportation and/or a Zipcar?

Change can only happen by taking small (or large) steps in the right direction. Let's start by taking those steps and change our way of thinking and acting, one suburb at a time.

















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